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2014 Avanti Calendar


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We already have a number of great photos for the 2014 Avanti calendar, but I am still looking for more great photos.

If you already had your car featured in a previous calendar, please do not respond, since I like to give everyone a chance to have their car featured.

Please respond to my email editor@aoai.org and let me know if you have something appropriate.

Digital images are acceptable, but should be 300dpi at about 2400 pixels or greater. Also need views of the engine compartment, interior or other unique features of your Avanti.

Thanks in advance to all those who already submitted a photo.


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Two questions,

#1. Will photos taken with an I-phone4 work?

2. How do we submit them?

Charlie RQB3921

NO, photos from any smartphone do not have the resolution needed for high-end printing and reproduction. Even if the resolution is high enough, the small sensors on these small cameras product more "digital noise" or graininess when enlarged or cropped.

You can send by email or, if too large of image files, use a file sharing application or website, or simply burn the files to a CD or flash drive and send through the post office.

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