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Problem with Engine Installation - '64


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OK, I tried this on the Studebaker Forum and so far have gotten nothing, so I'll try here. (Maybe should have done this in the first place!)

In my '64 Avanti I've put the engine in with the (new) motor mounts offset toward the passenger side. There is only about 5/16" clearance between the rocker cover nut and the brake booster. I can't slide the lower left ignition shield into place as it hits on the steering coupler. Everything seems way to tight on the right side. I called another Avanti friend and he says he has very little clearance between his rocker cover nut and the brake booster. Was I supposed to install the ignition shield before the engine?


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Hi- I am in the process right now of reinstalling my engine after having it out and doing some work on all sorts of things. While clearance is tight, I am not experiencing problems. Are you using the original booster/MC? You cannot easily reinstall the engine with the shielding already attached UNLESS you remove the steering bell-crank, I have found.

You used the correct holes on the motor mounts (passenger side)

I have hundreds of photos of my disassembly and reassembly that I will share if I can help you. There is very little room to work under that hood!

Bill Henderson


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How about the positioning of the rear mounts? When you say right side I assume you mean looking from the front of the car ( typically passenger is right and driver is left ) I don't have a car to refer to but were there choices on positioning the rear mounts? Sounds to me as if the front of the engine is OK but the rear is too high and over to far to the left ( driver's side ).

Or,have you gone with a different trans like a GM overdive in which case you need to push the trans tailshaft to the right and bolt it up that way so you have clearanceup front.


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Maybe your body isn't quite square on the chassis causing the gap to be a little tight or is it to far over to one side.

Just thinking out loud, I'm assuming that the position of the body may effect some clearances.


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