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Found original VIN


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Finally found some of the VIN from the donor car, the last 9 digits of the VIN are stamped in the the transmission case on the left rear above the pan. 7HR102501 - The full code would be 1G1GZ11G7HR102501 for the 1987 Monte Carlo SS that was used.

Also I have found a problem with my Avanti VIN 12AAV1230H1000108, that VIN will not decode. The 9th digit is a 0, this is the check sum digit for the VIN and can't be a 0. It must be 1-9 or X. If I add up the weight of the VIN numbers and letters this number should be a 3. If a 3 is entered in this position then the car WILL show up on the national VIN list.

Jim Wood

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