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'87 - '88 Dashboard Removal


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I haven't, but if it comes off like the center console there are spring clips that allow the wood to be pried off. I would suggest that you remove the driver's seat, and lower the steering column so you can get a look up and behind to see if the are any spots that are screwed or bolted.

I would also suggest buying a set of radio installer's pry bars. They are plastic and come in different styles for pulling and prying. It's best to try and locate the clips and pry right at the clip.

The radio should come out from the front and removing it may make pulling the fascia easier.


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Anyone ever tried it? I can't get it off! :angry2:

It's OFF! Heater core still not in sight. Must remove center console. In order to remove center console both front seats must be removed. Alright - everything removed. As far as I can tell (working from right to left) the blower and intake housing must be removed in order to then remove the AC evaporator which in turn gives you access (?) to the Heater Core. I'm starting to have grave doubts about this whole endeavor........ :(

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