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Shocks for 1981 Avanti II


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So I've replaced my shocks many, many times since I drive my Avanti a lot, and I live in a pretty rural area where the roads are just nothing but constant uphill, hard left, downhill, hard right, pothole, speed bump, cliff-like driveways, more potholes, etc. I go through brakes enough already, and am about to get my rear leaf springs replaced as well. I have done just about everything to my original 305 Chevy V-8 to make it faster aside from actually boring it out or balancing and blueprinting or polishing and porting, but long story short I think the rear shocks go out so fast because when I accelerate with a full gas tank, a fair amount of stereo equipment in the trunk, and 300+ horsepower just make the rear shocks do a ton of work. I've always bought the regular replacement shocks from Nostalgic, but I've noticed in the last 14 years I've gone from replacing once in almost 10 years to this latest batch lasting less than a year!!! I see lots of options for good aftermarket shocks for the front, but I see absolutely nothing for my 1981 rear shocks. Does anyone know if the ones I see that say 1986, '87, '88, some even up to 1991 would be the same as my 81's? You just never know what is actually in the thing until you have to replace something! I've got lists of all the crazy parts, years, models, etc that I've taken out or put back in over the years of all kinds of other parts of the car, but I'm really not happy about this rear shock situation. I definitely expected more than a couple thousand miles out of them to say the least. Anyway, if anyone can help me find shocks for it, OR tell me if they're the same shocks from a 1973 Challenger or something random like that so I can find them that way, please email me! DrDomovoi@aol.com, thanks!

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Go to Nate Nagle's site for some of the best interchange available. Second only to Bob Johnstone's site on great Avanti/Studebaker. 

Neither gets the credit or exposure they deserve for their yoeman service to those marques.

Here is the link to Nates PDF file, scroll down to shocks and you'll find a wealth of those that fit. http://members.cox.net/njnagel/files/Interchange.pdf


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