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I didn't know Avanti's were made there...


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Yesterday I had my Avanti in an annual show in Bethesda, MD...always a great show with lots of great cars...there were three Delorean's and even a Tesla. It's the 25th Anniversary of the first "Back to the Future" movie so Delorean owners are going out to celebrate it, it seems.

After answering many questions about the Avanti...one lady said it's her "dream car" and would love to own a convertible. When I told her I had an Avanti convertible at home, she immediately asked "Are you married?". That didn't exactly go over well with my wife but she knew it wasn't a serious question.

I got the usual "Made in Canada" remarks, is it Italian, etc. One older fellow absolutely insisted Avanti's were made in Argentina! That was a new one to me and there was no correcting him, so I didn't bother to take it very far. He wasn't about to budge on his absolute knowledge all Avanti's were imported from Argentina.

Most people are always happy with correct information regarding the car and its Studebaker heritage. It also never fails to amaze me how many people know quite a bit about the cars and had family or neighbors in years past who owned one. They also nearly always say it's been years since they've seen one.

Still...the Argentina comment was a first.

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