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GM actually filed suit against Avanti Motors for infringement of the Hummer brand...simply because it looked too similar. That seems funny considering how small a company Avanti Motors was. It was settled somehow, but it was a moot point...supposedly Avanti only ever built one and no series production was ever started, though it was claimed they were popular in overseas sales. It was built on the Ford Super Duty chassis and I'm sure it would have been quite a good vehicle. Mike Kelly originally called it the Studebaker XUV but later said he changed it to Avanti XUV as there was resistance to the Studebaker name in the marketplace.

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Thanks for the history lesson Bruce. I assume this vehicle is stuck on the 2nd floor museum in Cancun? Barrett Jackson would love to showcase this across their network of auctions. Could bring a big price. How about Andy Granatelli driving it to the podium.. Would be awesome.

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