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Cancun Unfinished Avanti's


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Does anyone know how many unfinished 2007 Avanti's are locked up in Cancun?

Are these 2007 Mustang frame/engines just sitting there waiting for resurrection?

I assume all the body molds are there also.

Hope that the Mex govt and justice dept will release all back to states and those of us interested in finishing these cars. Releasing the 2nd floor museum cars back to the U.S. needs to be done.

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Beats me if anyone knows for a fact that cars are sitting there unfinished, but it's certainly reasonable. If so, probably no more than a few as less than 100 cars were assembled from 2001 until shut down in late '06. Maybe a few cars in process plus a few Mustangs waiting to have their conversions done. Who knows what equipment is left and what condition it's still in after several years of neglect.

I doubt if anything will happen before some kind of resolution to Mike Kelly's case...then the Mexican gov't and the Justice Dept. can determine what will happen to the assets. The company said at one point that Mike Kelly no longer had any financial or management interest in the company, which seems like a dodge to me. If that was the case, then why did they shut down?

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