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1987 LSC Avanti


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If I remember correctly, I believe the LSC was stretched about nine inches over the standard coupe. You might try asking California Car Cover Company if they have that in their database, but somehow I doubt it as so few were made and pretty unknown outside of die-hard Avanti enthusiasts. You may have to buy a universal cover made for the car's overall length.

If you do contact California Car Cover Co., and they list a standard Avanti, they may be willing to tailor one with the additional length in the middle. It could be worth asking.

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Gunslinger, you're right on.


108.0 Coupe/Convertible

117.0 Luxury Sports Coupe (LSC)

Overall Length:

194.35 Coupe/Convertible

206.5 Luxury Sports Coupe (LSC)


3380 lbs Sports Coupe

3330 lbs Sports Convertible

3520 lbs Luxury Sports Coupe (LSC)

This is from "The New Avanti Motor Corporation," Youngstown, Ohio.

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I bought a universal cover at costco for my 1988 LSC silver anniversary car. size extra large I went back a month later to buy another as the one I was using for my 1990 is not as nice but, alas, they are all gone.

Good Luck,


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