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Instrument lights resistor


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That's agood question. How inportant is that resistor, is it easy to locate and does it need anykind of servicing. My dash lights have always been very dim except for the replacement tachometer light which illuminates normally. I've replaced old bulbs but, they illuminate the same as the originals.....!#@$?

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Does anyone know the resistance and wattage values of the resistor used for the instrument lights dim setting circuit? Thanks!

I figured out the size and wattage for that resister last year. I do not remember the size but you need to use a power resister. I am out of town for the next few weeks, but if you send me a e-mail after 2/7 I will send you the resister as I had to buy 2 of them. While I like to have things working on my Avanti, I do not believe that I have ever used the lower setting as dash lights being to bright is one problem I have never had as an Avanti Owner.



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