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1985 avanti convertable, southbend, yes 2 were made


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i'm in tampa florida. if anyone can suggest a reputable place for restoration, i thank you in advance. the car runs. i bought it for myself, when my son was born. i believe i saw the photo on the cover of maybe the robb report magazine or something similar. as with all cars, it carries an interesting story. condensed, the factory was padlocked shortly after the sale. my car which had paint problems, was back in south bend at the factory at the time, in many pieces. i was able to convince the manager to put it back together drive it to tampa where i had i painted again. money speaks when one is losing ones job.

the prototype for the convertable was used in the karate kid. i think number 2.

all said and done, i'd like it in good shape again.


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Hopefully someone can give you the name of a good shop close to Tampa, but if distance isn't a big issue, I can recommend the shop here in Maryland that did the reconstruction of my '70. Mine was the first Avanti they had ever done so a second should go easier since they've had their learning curve. They did outstanding work and are very familiar with fiberglass cars as they specialize in Corvettes and other restorations.

There's also an excellent speed shop very close to them that can do custom work.

Send me a PM if you're interested.

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