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New Supercharger and Pulleys, WOW!!


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I replaced my original pulleys with HO aluminum ones and installed a Nimesh Solanki built HO supercharger. I had a little trouble getting the proper belts. The 56" belt that was recommended wouldn't work with the standard size blower pulley even a 56.5 wouldn't go on. I didn't order a 57 so I was forced[;)]to put the smaller blower pulley I had on the new supercharger.

Once that pulley was on I was able to get the 56" belt on nice and tight. The car has a totally new persona. The new blower and HO pulleys bring 5 lbs boost on in the 2700 to 3000 rpm range. I don't have enough safe road where I am in NJ to see where the max boost is but I've seen the needle get into the red on a couple of short bursts. The engine feels almost as torquey as my HEMI Magnum!

I'm looking forward to my next trip to the dragstrip...


Nimesh Built HP Supercharger. So pretty it makes the rest look shabby.



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My blower was fine but the new one was built to provide more boost and it was, IMHO, a bargain so I bought it. I also purchased R3 HO aluminum pulleys and a new vibration damper to complete the install.

My car has quite a few mods. A Chevy 700R4 Overdrive automatic, R3 intake valves, R3 exhaust headers, 2500 RPM stall speed converter, Edelbrock 600 carb but mated to the original AFB topkrate029.jpg

The engine was bored WAY out and probably displaces 315 cid. I put the Turner front disc system on, which I highly recommend and might spring for the rear disc set up because the front works so well.

I also made a console and armrest ( removable with no original parts damaged ) and installed a Camaro shifter for the 700R4. I'm going to try to adapt an Avanti ll shifter for a little more vintage look.


I want the car to run in the mid 14 second range, best was 15.097.


Ernie R2 R5388

[is this your only mod? Was your old blower toast or was the smaller pully the big change?

Can't wait to get mine back down on the tires!


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