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'70 Avanti w/ 350 CU Corvette Engine and 45 Amp(?) Alternater


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Dear Avanti Owners,

My garage expert tells me that a bearing is going out in my '70 Avanti alternator (45 amp ?)

The engine is a high-performance 350 CU inch Corvette engine that was was rebuilt in '72.

Where can I find a a new a new one?

Thank you,

Best regards,


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It should be a very available alternator...you should be able to find a replacement at any NAPA dealer, or Pep Boys, Auto Zone, Advance Auto, etc. You can also buy a brand new aftermarket replacement from Summit Racing or Jegs.

You can also take it to any auto electrical rebuilder and have it rebuilt with new bearings, etc.

I'm a bit surprised your garage guy didn't know this and make a recommendation. GM alternators are not the least bit rare.

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Gunslinger was right on target - NAPA.

I have replaced mine - just went in and requested one from a 69 Vette - turns out it also cross matched to a Chevy pickup from the same year.

Who knew ? ? ?

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