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For sale 64 Avanti


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I am selling a very late 64 Avanti, R5632. It’s final assembly date was Dec 26, 1963, the very last day of production. It is a light project to get it to every day driver status. I sold the car to a fellow engineer around 1979. He immediately took the engine out and totally overhauled it. He also removed the wiper motor as it needs repair. He then put all in the corner of his garage so he could start on an experimental airplane project. He is well into his eighties now and realized he’s not going to get back to the Avanti so I now own it again. The car is very solid, never wrecked. It did have a passenger side front fender lip crack that had been repaired in the past. Frame and hogs are great. It’s an automatic with power steering, a/c, and the very rare tilt steering wheel option. Originally had power windows but those were converted to manual at Avanti motors back in the early 70’s. Front seats are the late thick backs which started in production in late 64. Color is the late optional Avanti maroon with a black interior. All the chrome is very decent for a driver. The upholstery is all pretty nice but the driver’s seat has had a few panels replaced so it’s not up to par with the rest of the inside. Dash is nice along with instrument surrounds. The repaint to original color was a very sloppy one when it was done and now has chips etc from time in the garage and earlier parking lot dings. I just put new tires on it thinking I was going to keep it but I just have too much on my plate. So, as far as I can see, the car needs engine installed, brakes done, carb needs overhaul, wiper motor needs repair and install. It really deserves a full restoration but could be a driver with not a whole lot of effort. The price is $15,500. I intend to trailer it to Dayton for the Avanti meet in a few weeks. I doubt if I’ll bring the engine but it’s within a reasonable distance if someone needs to see it. It is the correct engine and serial numbers match the production ticket. My email is nelsonbove@gmail.com Or call 5132072381 and leave message. I also modified the driver’s side front seat rails to give an extra one inch of steering wheel clearance when slid all the way back. It makes a huge difference when driving long distance or you are just a tall person.

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