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LED's for dash lights


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My '87 uses 1893 bulbs with red covers, all my gauges are different shades of red because the covers are fading from the heat of the bulbs. I have had problems with the heat from the bulbs melting the plastic faces in the dash also. I just received a order of three different led lights, (1-led, 4-led and 1-led wide angle) in red and blue to try out. I installed the red in three of the gauges on the left side and the blue in three gauges on the right side. These led's come in White, Red, Green, Blue, Amber and UV. I'm looking to replace all my dash bulbs. The 6 bulbs cost from .98 to 2.98 each, It cost me 10.00 for the 6 bulbs to try out. I'll post how they work out and which style works the best.


Jim Wood

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After running both blue and red LED bulbs in a couple of gauges I finally decided to install the red LED bulbs, the blue were too bright. I replaced the gauge bulbs with the 4 LED bulbs and all of the other bulbs with the same color 1 LED bulbs. Green for turn signals, blue for high beams, red for all warning bulbs and yellow for the Check Engine light. The Green turn signals helped in daylight because the OEM bulbs were not bright enough.

There is a special level of HELL for the people who designed the dash gauges in my '87. Spent about 4 hours replacing bulbs and two of the sockets. The sockets are a bad one wire design that can seperate leaving part of the socket and the bulb in the gauge, forcing the removal of the gauge. Replaced with two wire sockets from Steward Warner.

I also replaced the 211-1 bulbs in the interior lights with LED's, seem just as bright with no worry of burning the plactic covers form the heat.

Jim Wood

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