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  1. The factory prototype, 63R-1025 is being restored. It is in my hanger in Maine. It was the Hot Rod Magazine 1st R3 road test car.

    Delivered to Paxton in July 1962 as an R2 automatic, and converted by Studebaker/Paxton into a 299CID R3.

    It was invoiced to Paxton in 1964, until then it was owned by Studebaker and had California Manufacturer plates.

  2. It appears that the front brakes are Turner units with the left front rotor replaced with a Studebaker one to allow a wheel to be mounted. Turner provides good parts information so rebuilding them should be pretty simple.

    I have the rear drums, hope they are within service limits, it appears replacing them may be an issue.

    Warren, any details regarding the rear brake parts would be appreciated.

  3. Does anyone know where the parts used for the clutch linkage for the factory 4 speeds came from. My Z bar bearing is shot. Part looks like some I have seen for Camaro or Nova but that is a little too vague for a parts counter guy.

    Also the car was received disassembled and I am not sure if I have all of the parts to reassemble, much less knowing how. Was there a shop/parts manual for the Avanti II, I only have them for the Studebaker and none of those parts were used.

  4. I pulled the chassis out from under my recently acquired 71 yesterday to get an inventory of parts needed to put it back on the road.

    The front breaks are foreign to me, not Studebaker for sure, I assume a conversion. Can anyone identify what they are and what calipers and rotors are used?

    The rear has flanged axles and again these are not Studebaker parts. Any idea what car these parts came from?




  5. My recently acquired 71 4 speed has a Holley. It was taken off the road in the 90's with just over 17,100 miles. Not sure why it would need a new carb at that mileage but I was surprised not to find a QJet.

    Removing shims and lowering body to frame to Studebaker spec so like Drat, height might become an issue, not sure if edelbrock/carter is lower than the Holley, will have to measure my 63 to see.

  6. RQB3263...HI Ron..I have two 81 Avanti II highback seats for sale complete w/ all tracks etc. in good cond. blue and white $200.00pair...

    I also have complete rear bumper assy. all brackets rubber parts $200.00 ...BILL 386-466-6434

    Also I have pics of my new seat installation (BMW 330 Sport Coup) but dont know how to upload them here...Advise me ....RQB3263....BILL

    Consider all sold. I'll try to coordinate with my brother who lives down your way. Do you have a paypal account?

    I have uploaded pictures a time or two, but it looks like Bob is a master. Perhaps he can give us both a lesson.

  7. Do any of those that have created new mounts have the old track available? My drivers side needs to be replaced.

    If so please let me know what you want for it/them at ron@crall.com or (207) 502-3633

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