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  1. In August '17, I had the 400 SBC in my '76 rebuilt when a cracked head was found in preparation to put on an MSD TBI.  Motor is now 408 cu in. with aluminum heads, new pistons, rods, roller rockers, roller cam, aluminum intake manifold.  Motor was dyno-ed on a stand before going back in the car. Best torque was 522 @ 4400 rpm's, Best HP was 458 @ 5400 rpm's. You can get good HP and Torque from the 400 motor. Engine has been running great with the TBI the past 5 years, capable of 20+ mpg on the road with the 200R4 AOD trans behind it. 

  2. Javier, I did a full gauge swap out on my '76 in '12.  AutoMeter had a very similar style of gauge, but with orange needles. They were an exact size match, Speedo even had a trip odometer. The only thing the gauges lacked was a high beam indicator on the speedo.

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