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  1. For those (like me most of the time) that think kids these days don't care about working on cars...well, most of the time they'd be right. But there are exceptions: A front desk kid at a local BMW shop (where I was having some other work done) suggested that I drill a hole through the tube and use string to guide it around the internals. He was on to something. I ended up having to use a long twist tie to curve around whatever is inside that panel and then used that to pull the string which then pulled the tube successfully through both holes! It took a bit of futzing to get the right degree o
  2. *SOLVED* 😣 Using a Dremel I was able to cut out the panel between the two holes for the OEM vent tube, and eventually (rotating locking pliers against the panel for torque) I removed the hidden length of the original tube. It was nearly 2' long! Unfortunately I can't simply push the new tube up the gap because there is a second plate behind the panel I just cut, between the two holes. I can't see it, because of the tiny space, but I think it's fiberglass. I also am not sure if I should cut it - but it will be much more difficult because of the size of my cutoff wheel and the
  3. Got a link to one I could buy that would fit the hose? Or...what about using a check ball valve like this one? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08PSYF3GZ/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=A1THAZDOWP300U&psc=1
  4. I doubt I have fuel inside the hose, the engine has not been turned over since I started to fix the gas smell issue. The figure 8 arrangement was partly because I didn't know if it would be a permanent solution so I didn't want to cut the line shorter than might be needed, and also because the figure 8 would keep the hose longitudinally stable during driving - relevant since it wouldn't be stabilized by going into the c pillar area like the stock one. Sending unit was replaced and is sealing well. The filler neck doesn't smell at all and is not sweating. The tank's solder joints are solid
  5. Hello all. I recently had to replace my Avanti's fuel tank vent tube because I could smell gas coming out of the pores of the rubber. I believe it was original to the car. Certainly the sending unit was, which I replaced, and its gasket was nearly dust. However after all this I was still getting a strong gas odor from the car. I crawled around sniffing everything I could find and discovered that the smell was most notably coming from the end of the vent tube under the car! I thought that since gas fumes are heavier than air that the figure 8 arrangement would have kept gas fumes from exit
  6. -Hmm, well I wonder why I am studless then. Frustrating. I can look into adjusting the bracket, that's a really good tip! Would you consider it resting firmly on the bracket (on on a silicone pad on that bracket) to be an appropriate long-term solution? There wouldn't be a connection in tension, and there would be more strain put on the water pump fitting than if it were secured via a positive connection.
  7. Did some work today. See pics of my improvised short term solution for the expansion tank. My car will be in an art museum for a month in a week and a half, and I don't have time to properly remove/repair the tank before then. A very ghetto repair, but now the tank doesn't vibrate out of sync with the engine any more. Drilled and tapped a piece of scrap pine (from a stake) for a spare bolt I found, then shaped it with a knife to fit with just a little upward pressure on the tank, then adhered a little pad of hi temp silicone to dull any micro impacts. And speaking of vibrations. See the p
  8. Thanks so much for the ideas guys! And if during its last "repair" the stud on the bottom of the expansion tank was not brazed back on? Then what... And if it is there, should there be a washer between the tank and the bracket? Something was there before, judging from my pic. Or perhaps a rubber washer? p.s. Is the tank brazed together (what I had been told), or soldered? Because I can do the latter, have not attempted the former.
  9. To excessively condense the story: I am taking back ownership of fixing my Avanti due to yet another incompetent mechanic. I have already solved several persistent leaks after discovering that certain transmission and oil pan bolts were not torqued to spec. And the upper dipstick tube was not connected to the lower, so the dipstick tip was just hanging in mid air. Fun stuff to discover 😒 I was chasing down the remaining leaks today and when I had my R1 (actually an R2 block with R1 innards, long irritating story) idling I noticed that the expansion tank was vibrating a lot more than the e
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