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  1. An update: For the past week I had the car's vent tube plugged and the (non vented) gas cap cracked ever so slightly. It took a while to properly blow out the old gas fumes but since then there has been no increase in vent fumes. While Ntenna's description is likely what happened during installation, and I would like to properly affix the vent tube internally so it would operate like stock, I have too much else going on to spend time doing that right now - if it can be put off. I rarely drive the car. Does anyone see a problem with me keeping the vent tube plugged and just using the cracked gas cap as a pseudo-vented-cap until such time as I can relocate the peak of the vent tube?
  2. Hello all. I recently had to replace my Avanti's fuel tank vent tube because I could smell gas coming out of the pores of the rubber. I believe it was original to the car. Certainly the sending unit was, which I replaced, and its gasket was nearly dust. However after all this I was still getting a strong gas odor from the car. I crawled around sniffing everything I could find and discovered that the smell was most notably coming from the end of the vent tube under the car! I thought that since gas fumes are heavier than air that the figure 8 arrangement would have kept gas fumes from exiting the hose. I would have liked to have run the hose up in the c-pillar like the factory one, but there is no practical way to access that area. As a test I used a piece of a Home Depot bag and a rubber band to cap off the bottom of the hose, and the next day the gas smell in my shop was almost gone! But obviously that isn't a solution...so what is? p.s. I am using a new Avanti fuel cap, I think I had bought it from Studebaker Intl but it's been 6-7 years. If memory serves it is a vented cap.
  3. To excessively condense the story: I am taking back ownership of fixing my Avanti due to yet another incompetent mechanic. I have already solved several persistent leaks after discovering that certain transmission and oil pan bolts were not torqued to spec. And the upper dipstick tube was not connected to the lower, so the dipstick tip was just hanging in mid air. Fun stuff to discover 😒 I was chasing down the remaining leaks today and when I had my R1 (actually an R2 block with R1 innards, long irritating story) idling I noticed that the expansion tank was vibrating a lot more than the engine. I put a little downward pressure on it with my hand and its vibration sync'd with the engine's. Then I noticed what seems to be an unused bracket below it. I am concerned that maybe the brazing of the tank might fail sooner from the excessive vibration (it has failed before), so if I can secure it better I want to. Advice? Also, the upper radiator hose is resting against the battery bracket stud threads. That's not right is it?
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