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  1. The government's response below (2-16-2007) includes detail on the overwhelming case against Kelly. Kelly claims that he only makes $55,000 a year and has meager $48,000 in assets. The government response includes the fact all of Kelly's assets are outside the US and he would have no incentive to remain in the US if let out on bail. Kelly is a citizen of the US, Mexico and possibly Belize which could make extradition difficult or impossible if he were to flee. If convicted of all of the current charges he will face 53 years in jail which is effectively a life sentence. Exhibit 3 of the response includes compelling testimony from the victims of Michael Kelly. They describe the financial difficulties they have faced while Kelly lived a life of luxury on their money.

    I don't think things look good for "Mikie." I met him once -- he was a real fan of the Avanti. It's a shame!

  2. George, I bought my first Avanti in 1970. My Mom had to co-sign for the loan!

    When you adjust for inflation, these cars have not really gone up in value that much. I think they are a real bargain.

    They are a little quirky to deal with. After you get it started -- you will begin to understand what I mean. I have a 100 point 1957 T-Bird that is a trailer queen. It is a Senior Gold Medallion Car as judged by The Classic Thunderbird Club International. I spent a ton of money restoring it and for that I ge to look at it in my garage and pet it every once and a while. Drivers are the way to go!!

    Say goodnight Gracie.

    Al B in NC B)

  3. Above serial number R5005 all the cars had square headlights. Above R5361 all of the 1964 running changes were incorporated into the Avantis.

    I've been fooling around with Avantis for a long time. The build quality on the last cars, built after August 5, 1963 when 1964 production was started up, appears to be a little better than the earlier cars. They appear to have corrected a lot of the problems that caused production to slow up in 1962 and the first half of 1963. I'm no expert and I'm sure some people will disagree -- just my opinion.

    Al B In NC

  4. Thank you for the info. It looks like you got a good deal. I was a little put off by the wheel flairs and hood. They do look great, but I'm looking for a stock car.

    I've owned Avanti's since 1970. My last was R5408. A 4 speed car with air. I never should have sold it!

    Al B in NC

  5. Nice looking car. I was bidding for it on Ebay. I'm looking for a '64 with a serial number higher than 5000. I would like to know how high you had to go to get it. Just a range, not the actual price. I hope it runs as good as it looks!

    I agree that an experienced locksmith should be able to make those keys without taking everything apart.

    Al B in NC :rolleyes:

  6. There was an excellent article about the 1963 to 1964 model changeover written by Fred Fox in the October 1987 issue of Turning Wheels.

    Fred takes the reader to the Avanti assembly line as 1964 Avanti production started back up on August 5, 1963. According to Fred, there were 655 1964 Avantis built with square head lights. This included R4130 which was Sherwood Egbert's personal car and is in the 1964 catalog. This car was the test bed for the all the running changes on the 1964 models. All cars from R5005 to R54643 had square headlights. 17 cars with lower production numbers, mostly show and engineering cars, were fitted with them as well. Read the article -- Fred knows his Avantis!!! I've seen a lot of 64's -- so far Fred's information has been correct on all of them.

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