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  1. I am changing the float on my Avanti. There is a yellow wire with two wires coming out of it that looks factory however someone put a blue connector on it and that is not connected to anything. Further down on the tank it looks like the wire was spliced and someone put a clear connector on it. What a mess.

    The wires to the extreme right red and blue are a "Mickey Mouse" speaker wire. See photos on SDC Forum.

  2. The tilt wheel used in the Studebaker Avanti is a Delco part that was used in certian Chevys of the same era. They are very rare and hard to find. We cover this with photos and a part number in the soon to be available Authenticy Manual. I don't have the time right now to start sending out photos from the manual. Job #1 right now is to get the book done. Al Basile

  3. Looks like a nice original car. If you have repair papers or anything that documents the mileage -- that's a plus. I would advertise it in Avanti Magazine. Contact Lew Schucart at editor@aoai.org. If it were me, I would spend the money to get it running. Otherwise, you will get low-balled on the price.

  4. Since thick back seats were the last upgrade made to the Studebaker Avanti, they are a rare item -- only about 300 cars had them! . I predict these "Late 1964" cars will begin to increase in value at a quicker pace than any other Stude Avanti. That makes saving the thick back seats worthwhile. Just my opinion!

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