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  1. There is "another way" to do this. A Studebaker Dealer in Irvington, NJ showed me how in 1972! I just replaced the emblems on my 1964 a few months ago this way. It is not without risk and I assume no liability if you mess it up. This method will require replacing the plastic emblem and the metal surround, since you will destroy both in getting the old ones off. First you carefully drill a few holes the the plastic "S". Be care not to go through the fiberglass body.Carefully break the plastic into pieces using the holes you just drilled. With the plastic removed you can see the 3 posts that hold the chrome retainer to the fiberglass. Use a strong, quality cutting pliers to cut the three retaining shafts. The three ends of the posts and the retaining nuts will fall inside. You then need to get the 3 new retainers from a hardware or auto parts store -- the ones you can pop in from the outside to hold the new plastic and chrome piece.

  2. I remember seeing the Avanti II in 1970 at the Studebaker dealer where I had my 63 R1 repaired. Nemeth Brothers in Irvington, NJ sold a quite a few of them. Some of the color combinations were pretty wild. My favorite was canary yellow with a white interior -- including white shag rugs!

    The solution they came up with to make the 327 fit under the hood was a poor one. It ruined the stance of the car in my opinion. I own a 69. and don't like the way it sits on the ground. However, there is no getting around the fact that the Chevy 327 Engine can run cirles around and R1 and even an R2.

  3. My 1969 Avanti with the 327 Corvette engine has a 3.54 ratio. It's great in the quarter mile; but not so nice at 65mph. I'm considering changing it to a 3.31 or 3.07. The ratio is stamped on a tag on the differential. Another tag tells you if it has Twin Traction or not.

  4. Marc21 -- If you decide to go ahead with this project, I would keep Lew Schucart of Avanti Magazine in the loop. You have a better chance of getting the minimum order you need if you let him reach out to every active AOAI member -- just a thought...

  5. I have a set of Halibrands on my Avanti. I have bought and sold three Avantis over the past 20 years; but kept the wheels. I think aluminum in the original size would be the way to go. Since they were dealer installed, they would be correct on any Studebaker Avanti. I have them now on my 1969 Avanti II. By the way, they only get brittle and crack if you dont take care of them. :P I have been offered more than the value of my car for these wheels. Crazy. It would be nice if they were available as a reproduction!

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