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  1. Egbert went into business for himself and got on with his life. His expertise was still highly regarded in the industry. He granted an interview to Gene Booth of Car Life Magazine. By then he had recuperated from his last cancer bout and was looking tan and fit, with a few pounds gained. After he left Studebaker, he had established a management-engineering consulting firm in the posh Los Angles suburb of Westwood at the Kirkaby Center Tower.  He defined his new job as “Being someone a company president can talk to and who talks the same language”. He continued to pilot a plane and often did so to meet with clients. The interview appeared in the September 1966 issue of the magazine.  Since Egbert had been a big proponent of automobile safety, Car Life was interested in his views on the “Safe Car” debate that was being held in The United States Congress at the time.  His views on the responsibility of the automakers and the role of government sound if they were spoken just yesterday, “We, the public, are entitled to the best engineering brains available in any major company. He explained we expect a prudent fiduciary obligation from every manufacturer, regardless of product, to provide us with the best. I say that the automakers have provided less than the best during these past few years. As a consumer, I am entitled to the very best, and I’ve gotten something less.  His advice to any automaker would have to be that you know about safety, and you have all the engineering brains, and all the statistics - you know why I need safety items. Provide them”.  Still very much the father of the Avanti, Egbert wondered why many of its safety features had yet to appear on other domestic cars.   He listed the standard equipment disc brakes, red instrument panel lighting for better night vision, recessed switches and a strong chassis.           .         



  2. My research indicates that only cars early in the production run had the area painted black. For authenticity we will accept a 1963 with the area painted black or un-painted until someone can produce proof -- one way or the other.  

    avanti and Minkel.jpg

  3. All Magnesium will get brittle with age. It is also very good for starting a fire! The originals need to be coated to prevent thest problems. I bought mine 25 years ago from Ron Hall. They were coated with a grey color paint. They were not designed to last 50 years! See number 9 below. 


    15272041_10154524551675395_989820691678114616_o (1).jpg

  4. Studebaker International sells one. It is on page 123 of their catalog. You can mount the plate directly to the rubber bumber pad, but the plate will get damaged if you hit or rub on a curb. The bracket keeps the plate rigid and in place. It was never offered by Studebaker, but it works!

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