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  1. For those attending  the national meets, be it either the Avanti meet in Dayton Ohio or the Studebaker Drivers Club meet at Mansfield, Ohio, you may wish to stop and see this Avanti for sale.  It is located at Phil Harris's Fairborn Studebaker, approximately 20 minutes from Dayton.

    Look for the advertisement in the AOAI Forum, Avantis for Sale, One of a kind 1963 Avanti.


  2. I have for sale an Avanti for sale with the following items. It is not completed, but engine fires and runs. It is available for your inspection at Phil Harris"s Fairborn Studebaker, about 20 minutes from Dayton, should you be at the Avanti or Studebaker national meet. PM me for my phone number for further information or schedule an appointment. You may call Phil Harris is you wish.


    Here are numerous photos on Facebook.



    Unique 1963 Studebaker Avanti for sale. All stainless steel frame. LS1 engine starts and runs. All parts there to finish the body, a second body (Avanti II) is available. Price $25,000


    Fabricated stainless steel frame with large X member for rigidity.

    Engine and transmission is installed approximately 10 inches rearward,

    Chassis designed to run exhaust under rocker panels.

    Everything is essentially flat bottom to the chassis itself.



    All coil over shocks, front and rear.

    C4 Corvette front suspension mounting points narrowed 3 inches.

    ZF rack and pinion

    C4 Corvette rear suspension narrowed 4 inches and adapted to viper differential. Stainless camber bars with heims, new aluminum half shafts, new tie rods with heims.



    LS1 motor with Tremec T56

    LS7 air intake assembly has been adapted to the LS1, and installed in a cold air box.

    Viper Dana 44HD differential, changed from 3.07 ratio to 3.54, setup by Intrax.

    Utilizing a Walbro GS392 inline fuel pump with a Corvette FPR.

    GTO fuel rail covers modified to accept Studebaker script.



    LS7 stainless exhaust headers , fabricated with tapered 3” collectors, 2 ½” diameter x 8 “ stainless flex couplings, stainless chambered mufflers acting as hidden side pipes. Exhaust turn outs exit just in front of the rear wheels. All are stainless mandrel bends.




    Corvette C5 dual piston calipers with 13” rotors, both front and rear.

    Hydroboost adapted to firewall, in lieu of vacuum booster.



    Moved battery to under the car, where rear seat was. Mounted flush to the bottom of frame.

    Fabricated a fused electrical distribution panel where rear seat was, with a powered battery disconnect.

    Installed Bussmann fuse panels in both ends of the dash. Dash is removable for servicing.

    New gauges, with brilliant red LED lighting. Controlled with a proper under dash LED dimmer.

    Electrical fan for radiator, controlled by computer, can be manually over ridden.

    No key to start, utilizes overhead rocker switches for ignition.

    Fabricated new brackets to place CS130 alternator very low on passenger side of engine.



    Front: 235/50/17 Kumho ASX on 17 x 8 ½ real magnesium wheels.

    Rear: 255/45/18 Kumho ASX on 18 x 9 ½ real magnesium wheels.



    Now a two seater. Utilizing Solara seats with fabricated mounts.

    Dash has been moved rearward 5 inches.

    Eliminated floor console.

    Made new dash overlay, eliminated key switch from dash.

    Installed a new Ididit tilt steering column, with new Nardi steering wheel.

    Installed Corvette C5 swing pedal assemblies for brake and clutch pedals.

    Installed a vent in hood with stainless steel wire mesh.




    Feeds both the hydroboost and rack and pinion. It is plumbed with an inline filter as well as an oil cooler. Utilizes Parker stainless flex lines, as well as a remote reservoir.








  3. I had a similar problem years ago with an Avanti I had restored. The exhaust tips had to be several inches beyond the lower edge of the body to correct the problem. The symptoms were similar, problem was with car moving.


    I assumed that the exhaust slip streamed up the rear of the car rather than dispersing behind the car due to the Avanti shape. 

    Extending the tips seemed to alleviate this.

  4. I contacted Phil Harris at Fairborn Studebaker a week ago and he is proceeding to make some preliminary parts to evaluate. What ever he offers, it will be good. 

    The replacements for the torque boxes should be a lot easier to install, and should last longer. 

    When we built our frame, we raised the body mounts to similar positions to eliminate the torque boxes. It also permitted us to run the exhaust under the rockers, removing a source of heat under the floors.

  5. I am assuming you have Stewart Warner gages. The Gage can be tested using two resistors, 33 ohms and 270 ohms. One should read empty, the other full. Hook up the sensing lead to one side of the resistor, the other side to ground on the car.  This duplicates the function of the variable resistor in the tank. Do not use the ground on the sender, for this could be the problem. By moving these resistors directly to the Gage, then to the sensing lead at the tank, and utilizing different grounds you should ascertain your problem. You will need a meter to see that you have 12-14 volts into the Gage.


    We have a board with the resistors necessary for Stewart Warner, Ford, GM, Porsche, and VDO fuel gages made up for just this reason. 

  6. What Gunslinger said.

    I utilized a Walbro inline fuel injection pump. With rubber  isolation of the pump mounting, as well as the filter and regulator, with no hard lines plumbed directly to them, it is extremely quiet. Also easier to change should it become necessary.

    I have installed inline pumps in tanks before, and this method is much easier and is quite satisfactory when done this way. Don't ignore the isolation in mounting or isolation of hard line from the noise generator.

  7. 5 hours ago, grobb284 said:

     I also designed another method to install an Avanti body to an Avanti frame with a tubular adapter. Gave a copy of the drawing to Fairborn Studebaker to see if he wanted to produce them. He might make them if there is interest. This may better suit your needs.


    Phil at Fairborn Studebaker in Fairborn , Ohio

  8. Yes, this method requires much less installation time. On my stainless frame I directly mounted the body and roll bar. I also designed another method to install an Avanti body to an Avanti frame with a tubular adapter. Gave a copy of the drawing to Fairborn Studebaker to see if he wanted to produce them. He might make them if there is interest. This may better suit your needs.

    Replacing hog troughs conventionally is quite an experience.

  9. On 27/09/2017 at 6:05 PM, mfg said:

    The Dana '44' differential, as used in Avantis, was also used in two Chrysler Corp vehicle models from the '70's-'90's time period.

    What were those Chrysler vehicles?

    The Dana used in the Viper is not "as used in Avantis". It is a heavier duty unit, with a larger pinion shaft and and pinion bearing for strength. This is known as the Dana 44 ICA, and has same internals as the differential in a C4 Corvette with maunual transmission. The only difference I know of between the Corvette and Viper is the Viper uses a crush sleeve to set pinion depth, and the Corvette uses shims. The carrier also uses different bearings than the Avanti Dana 44. Surprisingly, GM requires a lighter viscosity lubricant as compared to the Viper.

    Yes, the Viper differential is definitely is a derivative of the Avanti's Dana 44, but not the same.

  10. Have seen the roll bar/cage in #8. It is a very nicely fabricated assembly. Excellent welds, socket head cap screws for assembly, well fitted. It is a piece of art in itself for those that recognize what is necessary to accomplish that.

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