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  1. Ok,

    Despite the fact that I am still suffering from ADD (Avanti Deficiency Disorder), I am researching restoration for the Avanti. I have come up with the "Auto Restorer" (previously "Classical Auto Restorer" magazine).


    1. Is this a good magazine at $41 a year to get into the general and specifics?

    2. Are there Avanti specific back issues that I should be looking for '63 - '7? that would be relevant to the '63-'64?

    3. The potentially useful back issues I have come up with are below. Any judgement on which are useful in my context?

    Studebaker in Auto Restorer (formerly Classical Auto Restorer)

    1. Studebaker Issues

    “A Studebaker Sleeper (Lark),” Auto Restorer (February 2004): 4

    “A True Studebaker Man,” Auto Restorer (February 2003): 20

    “Right Hand Drive Studebakers,” Auto Restorer (December 2000):

    2. Body Work--Fiberglass

    "Fiberglass Repair, Part 1," Classic Auto Restorer (December 1998): 24

    "Fiberglass Repair, Part 2," Auto Restorer (January 1999): 9

    3. Feature Restorations: Studebaker

    "1963 Studebaker Lark,” Auto Restorer (November 2004): 9

    4. "Studebaker V-8," Classic Auto Restorer (February 1997): 30

  2. i can find on Amazon, Google, and Alibris plenty of books, including "Dummy's guide" for classic car restoration. What is your recommendation for:

    1. basic on methods, tools, what to avoid, what to do.

    2. specific to fiberglass, chrome, etc.

    3. specific to Studebaker era Avantis.



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