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  1. Hi!

    I am back.

    One of the obvious repairs is to the wiring harness. As expected there are frayed areas where visible, and likely elsewhere. Plan is to completely change out. There are two options:

    1. Get a reproduction harness/fuse box for ~450.00, exact match presumably using modern materials. Uses AGC barrel fuses. Replace breaker box separately

    2. Get a 21 circuit modern "fit anything" harness/fuse box for ~150. with colored/labeled wires. Uses micro-spade fuses. Through away the breaker box.

    Other than the "concours" issue, is there any sound reason to go with the reproduction harness?


  2. I would get towed to where it can sit for a while while investigating. The advice on the axle is good. The alternative is to take many pictures and put it up on E-Bay. Check out my http://www.sterkel.org/avanti to see what current prices are. In any case, tell the barracuda to go bite himself.....

    My husband passed away November 2005 and left me, amongst other things, a 1963 Avanti. I got it to run and drove it across town to my home. Needless to say, the axel froze and I am now in the "dog house". I can't move the car and someone is thinking of taking advantage of this fact and offering me very little for the car. The interior is still in very good shape, as is the body, although the turqoise paint is badly oxidized. Can anyone help me?


    Ingrid Boon-Murphy

  3. I have recently asked/begged for back issue articles on electrical repairs and hints hopefully relevant to my '63 R2. To my extreme happiness, we are blessed with two 2!! class acts. Paul and Leonard both quickly responded and sent me photocopies. While I offered to pay for copying charges and postage, both refused payment.


    It should be obvious to everyone in love with the original Avanti, that we are nearing a critical mass of active owners, below which we will start losing parts and services vendors who will have to start doing other things.

    It is only with class acts like Paul and Leonard, this terrible event will be offset for another 40++ years! :D

  4. For what it is worth, for a R2/manual/4.11 axle, not the R1 in discussion.

    on the 2217 mile drive from WA to TX, my new '63 R2 w/manual got:

    day one: 15.0 mpg, day two 14.1 mpg, day three, 15.5, for an average of 14.9 mpg

    Day two was high altitude, both sides of the continental divide.

    Low was 11.3 in Seattle traffic, high was 19.0 in Kansas prairie.

    This car was not driven for about 4 years before I picked it up. The fuel mpg and the driveability improved as I used Chevron Techron Supreme, AND three bottles of "concentrated" carb/engine cleaner. By day three, it ran nicely.

  5. I am getting ready to do an end to end electrical rehab on my '63 Avanti.

    I would gladly pay for expenses for anyone who could photocopy or preferably scan the following articles and mail/e-mail them to me.


    e-mail to 63Avanti@sterkel.org


    26 18 Technical Tip-Electric Window Door Repair

    26 18 Avanti electric window bracket repair

    27 14 Technical Tip-Avanti Tach. Sender Problems

    27 15 Technical Tip-Electric Diagram-Tach Sending Unit

    56 33 Electric Window Problems

    56 43 Technical Tip-Electric Window Switch Bezel

    56 44 Technical Tip-Dash Panel

    69 19 Suggested fixes for Electric Clock

    100 38 Service Letter F-1963-3 Electric windows

    100 59 Tech Tips - DOT5 / brake light switches

    100 62 Ignition wires

  6. many thanks to all!

    The Mobil 1 works fine! It leftover from a Kubota Tractor and I could not return it. A nice piece of serendipity that it works for Studebaker 289s.

    Hello, tsterkel,

    Following up on IndyJimW's earlier reply, I did some internet searching and came up with other possible replacements for your oil filter.  They all appear to be the shorter type as the Baldwin B39 as IndyJimW mentioned; however, I was not able to confirm that for all that I have listed below because spec sheets were only available for the Purolator filter.  The Purolator filter is about 5/8" shorter than the Baldwin (3-3/4" vs 4-11/32")

    I cross-checked between the various manufacturers' sites including Baldwin, Purolator, Fram, and AC Delco using their own mfgr's cross-reference lists.  I also made an effort to look up on their sites vehicle application tables for their filters (one of them forced me to search under '63 Studebaker Golden Hawk, which used the same 289 engine as the Avanti) to back check results.  Another site that I used showed some more interesting results; I've pasted it here:  http://www.trasko-usa.com/crossref.htm  .

    All seem to agree in one fashion or another on the following replacements:  Baldwin B39, AC Delco PF24, Fram PH11, and Purolator L20033.

    Best regards,



  7. tech: need Paxton Expert

    On my '63 R2 Avanti, I have some questions.

    1. dip stick. is the fill to the first, second nipple or on the curve?

    2. what happens if it is too full?

    3. how do I drain?

    4. how do I fill?

    5. starting at 2500 and peaking at 2900, I get a whine, which disappears over 3200.

    Is is important?

    6. I understand that the "oil" is any quality ATF. Is synthetic ok? (I am a synthetic fan).

    thanks in advance!


  8. new 63 R2 ownee with Questions.

    I am finally the happy ownee for a 63 R2. I just finished driving it from Seattle to North Texas tonight, 2200 miles. It took the first 1000 miles using Chevron Techron Supreme and 3 bottles of "concentrated" cleaner to get it run well. (It also took that long for Wally-world to get the tire balance right.) I have many questions, I am drive a 5 speed turbo VW, and see many differences. To start:

    Here is the cruising guage readings.

    Vacuum 10 PSI

    Oil pressure 50P

    Amps ~1

    Temp ~215.

    very different than my VW. If I had these on the VW, I would have stopped at the first VW dealer.

    Question is:

    1. are these ok?

    2. if not, what is ok and optimal?

    3. if not, what needs to checked/fixed?



  9. Many thanks for the responsive answer.

    Where did you find the cross reference table? I totally bombed when I tried to cross the Mobil 1 on the Mobil filter site.

    Mobil 1 M1-203 Oil filter?

    I have the Mobil 1 M1-203 Oil filter for the Avanti/Studebaker 289. However, the Mobil Filter web does not provide a cross reference to confirm.  Anyone *know*?


  10. Doing a little research.

    Question: Is the '63 Avanti fender mounted Antenna Factory install or accessory.

    Background: The typical fender antenna is worthless for AM. The AM antenna is an embedded Ferrite core (or a mounted coil on older radios).

    As the '63 was AM-only, unless you went with an upgrade, then the fender mounted antenna has no functional purpose.

    Anyone KNOW?


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