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  1. for those who read my fire sale of my Studebaker International Account Credit, here is a bonus.

    A local company is liquidating SKIDS of CIplus-4 oil, At Their Cost. This is NOT CJ-4, and thus has the slug of ZDDP which many think is needed for pre-90's performance car performance.

    Price? far less than those rip off bottles of ZDDP additive you see.

    Contact me for info on this deal using the e-mail option, I no longer check these fora.


  2. Now that I am Studebaker-less for the foreseeable future, I am liquidating my 15% off account at Studebaker International. You can pay with credit card or Paypal. directions below.

    • As most of you know, if you prepay $2500 to SI, you get 15% off ALL purchases. That is what I did in 2006.
    • My current balance is $1648.90 worth $1896.23
    • you can pay by credit card directly to me using my PayPal account, https://cms.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=marketing_us/send_money, type in "betsysbounty@sterkel.org" in to "TO" "1648.90" in the amount.
    • the second page, after you press enter will provide credit card directions
    • The first person to get the money to me, will have the account immediately transfered. I will not be offended if you check with SI to confirm

    Terry, North Texas

    1963 Avanti R2, 63SR1065 (sold)

    1985 Kubota L2202(Diesel)

    1999 Toyota rice burner

    1986 Ford 150 Long Bed

  3. I am in North Central Texas, with 3o x 40 insulated, concrete floor barn, industrial 12 foot fluorescent, 3 ton chain hoist on trolley. Hmmm, if I offer free use, I wonder if I could barter for some work on my R2?


    Here's another possibility to consider. I've chatted with Bez several Monday nights on Studebaker forum chat room and he does quality work as well. He just finished restoring Lew Schucart's Avanti. (Lew is editor of Avanti magazine)


    Here's a cut-n-paste from a Studebaker forum posting by Bez where he is considering traveling across country and doing restoration in your local area.

    ...... from Studebaker forum..........................

    How does the idea of a traveling Stude restorer sound to you? Rather than shipping your car across country to have it worked on, I will come to your area to do the work for you. I'm lining up jobs for summer and winter 2010 - will travel to your location to do your restoration. I'm available to do larger jobs - partial and full restorations.

    Many of the cars I've worked on have placed (398 points out of possible 400) in national car competitions, including SDC shows. I do quality, attention to detail work and can provide first-rate references. Please see my website for info about cars I have worked on: http://auto-alchemy.com

    If you have adequate garage space, I can do much of your work on-site or I will locally rent garage work space to do your job. I can make arrangements for and provide quality control for any portion of the restoration work that is jobbed out in your locale, such as frame off media blasting, upholstery, machining services.

    If you're interested, call or email and let's discuss your project.

    Bez Auto Alchemy



  4. not from the dead, but mine http://avanti.sterkel.org is mechanically updated/fixed with my slow-and-steady approach. I now have a nice daily, and long distance driver. I am planning on selling at this point, or spend a few years working on the interior and exterior cosmetics, then sell it for nearly double for those who must have a perfect-looking car.

    Yes, you can get a running and driving R2 for $16K, but I bet it will still need lots of work, to include a supercharger rebuild, to make it really a good driver again. With that said, I decided to go for an original, unrestored R2. That was in October, and I am still throwing money at it to make it back on the road. You can see what I started with and what has been done to date at http://forums.aaca.org/f190/avanti-r2-1963-refresh-269244.html

    I have had a great time bringing this Avanti back from the dead. Yes, it costs money, I figure I have close to 15K in it now and need to spend at least another 5K to make it a great driver. Still a lot cheaper than any other performance car that I know of.

    John in VA

  5. SOLD

    rebuilt, with lots of photos, maintenance hints. and info on New products that FIT!


    I forgot to say, daily driver, but willing to part for $15,000 cash. you have to handle shipment/driving from North Texas. Look at the URL, more detailed info than you ever saw on a used car. Better than CarFax.

    Contact me Only if you are serious with cash in hand. I keep getting lots of questions from people with little to do but ask questions. (e-mail to mailto:IWanttoBuy@sterkel.org, I will not respond to postings here)

  6. Number 065 '63 Avanti R2 is back on the road. http://avanti.sterkel.org

    1. rebuilt the differential, changed from 4.11 to 3.07 to make it more roadable at over 60 mph. I am surprised at how little around town driving has been affected. This engine has lots of torque, making the shifting only marginally harder.

    2. replaced the transmission fluid with Amsoil GL4 Synthetic. This was the only GL4 I could find, with out "weasel words." One very obvious improvement is that 2nd gear, which was hard to put into gear and would "pop out to neutral" no longer is a problem.

    3. Returned the Avanti to its original rake with the use of a "Jeep" part leaf spring from JC Whitney (Ruff Rider Brand). This is cheaper, and faster than all the alternatives discussed a) annealed re-arching (hot method) B) cold re-arching, c) fiberglass springs, d) "new" springs.

    4. replaced the OEM/Gabriel shocks with KYBs as I reported in the Avanti Magazine. and at http://avanti.sterkel.org. This with the stiffened leaf springs make this a very much improved car. Nearly no sway in sidewinds and semi-passings. OEM/Gabriels will never be put on this car again

    5. replaced all bushings with new

    6. put in GL5 Amsoil Synthetic in the differential. Much less humm, and smoother true traction.

    7. took the springs, wheels, brake parts, differential etc apart, and had all sand blasted. Treated with 2 coats of tractor anti-rust under coat and at least 2 coats of tractor enamel. Wheels go this treatment, but with sanding and several layers of color-correct auto paint, with 2 coats of sanded high gloss clear

    8. Resleaved the wheel cylinders in brass, new re build kits, new springs, new hoses, new brake lines, synthetic fluid. The braking is '60s good, but I will look into either 1972 Ernie Ternovits Plymouth conversion (Avantopics Mag), or the one being discussed these years.

    9. Replaced the Autolites with NGK copper Vs, the stranger noises are gone. I also replaced the apparently good cables with new from Thiobold?.

    10. Trashed that dirt passing K&N with Wix Air filter. I will next clean out all the dirt that K&Ns are very well known to pass.

    Next is lots of cleaning, checking for a clunk on county roads (loose bolts? or junk in the trunk?) clean the engine. put on the new plates, and some trim I have bought over the years.

    Up and down the Highway. I had forgotten how much fun this car is.


    If that "bench" is in the state of Tennessee, then the radio is likely mine, and STOLEN.

    I will NOT broadcast the details, but I have the documentation to prove my case.

    I will go after ANYONE who receives that radio, through civil and criminal court.

  8. how much to pay for '63 Automatic R1 Avanti?

    Found a '63 Automatic R1 Avanti. Not run in 20 years, owner in late 50's, drove from parents when they died,

    and left outdoors, Texas, on concrete driveway since then.

    What is a reasonable price, as it is NOT LIKELY that the owner will put up with attempting to start. How much is it worth as a PARTS CAR?

    Any one interested in an R1 Engine? Original Automatic Transmission? Original Air Conditioning??

  9. There are several vendors where you can get reproduction black carpeting, so it could definitely look original. The salt and pepper style is very difficult to find or even reproduce.

    After all these years, and considering the water leak issues Avanti's had, plus normal wear and tear, I don't believe it's unreasonable to assume most surviving Avanti's in any kind of decent condition have had their carpeting replaced at least once.


    but does anyone KNOW what the original was. black for Salt and Pepper, and if S/P, what color was the Salt?

  10. first a quote

    "If your VIN is lower than 4892 it's a salt and pepper and after is all black.


    Geek is 1064 R2 Manual. I have looked at the carpets many times. They "look" original, and are all black.

    1. Did I make a bad assumption?

    2. what would be the "salt" color, given the interior is Elk/Fawn, exterior Metallic Maroon.


  11. OK "Judges" Still awaiting your reply? Anybody here pass this question on to your favorite judge? I assume they read this site and are interested in "formalizing" the Avanti in the market. Documentation seems to be the missing piece of the puzzle in this marque.

    I would take this over to the Studebaker Forum, they are very free with their opinions.... :rolleyes:

  12. I think that the "Judges" should weigh in here, just in case you ever wish to show it off for points.

    Here is what I know from crawling under my '63. It is "raw" fiberglass, some body paint over spray

    and the typical '60s undercoat, a tacky brownish black. Not a very good job. Same in the wheel wells

    but a bit thicker.

    For my "Geek", I am planning on spraying Herculite truck bed liner over everything that I cannot

    easily scrape loose. That stuff is tough, and a great sound insulator. Then, to keep to my "theme" I will overcoat with premium Tractor Enamel (silver).

    Body is off being prepped and I need to know what color the underbody of the Avanti was or if it was undercoated(factory or dealership) what type(s) were used?

    Also same above applies to the wheelwells!

    Don't want to HAVE to scrape off the old undercoating if I don't have to.

  13. Some advice,

    People have strange notions on how much their Avantis are worth.

    http://sterkel.org/avanti and click on prices to find what the last 3 years

    of sales look like. Current up to last August.

    As for where to find, keep a watch on e-Bay, I have had no more (or

    less) problems dealing on e-Bay than your normal private sale. Plus

    e-Bay provides that nice warranty, which is about as strong as the

    used car dealer with the trailer for an office. In other words, watch

    yourself, pay for an inspection, just like any purchase!

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