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  1. Condenser filter on the alternator.  I’m not sure if there was an additional one on the distributor…probably not since the distributor was covered by shielding.

    There have been one attached to the radio itself.

  2. It would make sense for Studebaker to have test fitted a R4 engine into an Avanti for measurements and clearances.  You don’t wait for it to be made a production option without knowing how it’s built and assembled.  Without such measurements how do you produce special parts and know costs?

  3. False.  When I installed Recaro in the '70 I owned the base was made specifically for the Avanti as the original design tracks were not interchangeable...and the standard Recaro tracks fit right on the new base.  No change to the floorpan were necessary.  

    Any changes that might have been necessary were not for the Recaro but to meet federal safety standards but those would have happened several years prior to the introduction of the Recaro seat option.  

  4. When Avanti Motors bought parts they eased them into the assembly line as needed...and they would often buy a larger quantity of parts for a volume discount...then it might be the following year before the parts were actually used.  They also didn't necessarily use parts stocked in order of delivery...the oldest part in inventory didn't always get to be used first...it could sit there for a long time before being pulled for use.  When it was used they could have been using updated parts for some time.  There are cases of Avanti IIs receiving tapered axles into the '70s when the flanged axles had been standard from the beginning or nearly so.

    The cover was most likely a Corvette piece.

  5. It wouldn’t start when it came off the assembly line due to the distributor or coil being incorrectly wired…in front of a magazine writer and photographer.  So…false.

  6. I believe that’s the car the magazine showcased as it came down the assembly line…then it wouldn’t start as the distributor was hooked incorrectly.  Embarrassing to happen and then be reported that way.  

  7. 3 hours ago, mfg said:

    I've always understood that the Studebaker Avanti was introduced to the shareholders in South Bend, and at the NY New Car Auto Show on 4/26/62?

    Your one day off, but who's counting??

    Your problem is not with me but Don Jones.  

  8. Here on the AOAI website in the “Avanti Story” by Don Jones…it’s clearly stated that on April 25, 1962 the Avanti was introduced at the NY Auto and also at the Studebaker stockholders meeting in South Bend.  Mr. Jones stated that immediately following those events the cars were taken by aircraft on a national tour of twenty-four cities.  Whether that means the tour began that day or once events concluded isn’t clear.

    What else could have occurred that day that qualifies as “momentous” I don’t know…maybe mfg’s birthday?

  9. Back in the '70s that fitting in the radiator hose was a popular aftermarket kit made by Prestone.  They may still be made for all I know.  It would have come with an angled pipe that snapped in in place of the radiator cap for coolant and water to exit...hint...stick a length of radiator hose in to direct outgoing coolant away from the car and not into the engine compartment.  

    Get some engine flush...maybe not necessary depending on how long since the engine has been flushed and follow its directions to run it through the engine and cooling system.  Let the temps come down until you can safely open the radiator cap and release the pressure.  Then you can connect a garden hose up to the heater hose fitting, and with the heater valve open and engine running turn the water on to the hose.  As things run the fresh water will circulate and hopefully carry the scale and old coolant out of the radiator cap opening through the exit hose.  When the water finally goes clear you can stop the engine and turn off the water.

    Now you should have a clean cooling system...but only filled with water now.  Leave the fitting in the heater hose open and pour in at the radiator cap opening (with the engine running again at idle) the appropriate amount of anti-freeze coolant for a 50-50 mix.  Displaced water will come out of the heater hose.  Once you've gotten the mix correct you can close the system back up and be good to go.

    There are two things that you should consider before doing this...one is to open the radiator drain fitting at the bottom of the radiator to make sure it's not rusted shut.  Soak it first with penetrating oil before trying to open it.  This is only to make sure it won't be a future headache.  The other is this could be a good time to replace the thermostat just on general principles unless you know it's not old.  If you do replace it...get the fail-safe type...if it goes bad it is designed to do so in the open position so it won't overheat the engine and cause further problems.

    There may be some YouTube videos on how to do this...look at some but remember not all advice on YouTube is good.

  10. It could either have been for the 12-hours of Sebring and there was another event in the Bahamas I believe.  Racing teams were assigned specific colors...the Brits had what came to be known as British Racing Green...the American Shelby team had a broad blue strip on white and presumably Studebaker received twin blue stripes over white to tell cars apart at a distance.

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