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  1. Ended up ordering the heater control valve from Nostalgic Motors. Very helpful and knowledgeable over the phone. looks like the rubber bushing in the valve plunger gave up the ghost.
  2. It’s original carpet in my car, in fawn, I believe it’s called. Kinda a speckled color
  3. I saw that. Was going to call Monday to see what was needed. with the NostalgicMotors version it looks to simply hang in line after replacement
  4. Also found this. https://www.nostalgicmotorcars.net/uploads/1/2/4/8/124888690/heater_control_valve_aoai193.pdf and a Toyota alternative https://avantiparts.biz/heater-control-valve-avanti-63-to-75/
  5. Thanks for that. When things cool down I’ll see if I can pull it out for a closer look.
  6. Sprung a leak in this mechanism just now. Haven’t had a chance to examine it more thoroughly but I’m guessing there’s a pin hole leak there.
  7. Thanks. I think I’ll go that route as well
  8. New Edelbrock intake and had the quadrajet rebuilt. Valve cover gaskets as well. The power steering pump belt was rubbing on the upper pulley so I shimmed that as well to lessen the rub but it’s still tight. Need to figure something out about that. I’ll get more into that when I put the ac back in... if and when that happens. Fuel pump failed as soon as it fired up after the intake so that got replaced as well. Definitely has some more pep in its step.
  9. I got my replacement from studebakerparts.com for $30. Looked exactly as the one that I pulled off
  10. Interested as well.
  11. I’m not getting notifications from this site but a new fuse and the new switch did the trick. Thanks all
  12. Been searching for any threads with info on weatherstrip replacements, haven’t come across any. Has anyone had experience with installing new weather strips on the doors? The car is kept in the garage but it would be nice to have the rattles and wind noise minimized.
  13. Getting closer to updating my suspension. Koni 8040-1018 shocks for the rear to along with some new leaf springs that are being made. Koni 8040-1017 shocks will go up front with some NOS Moog CC655's I found on ebay. A-arm bushings look a lil worn so I need to take a closer look at those. Rear sway bar frame mount came undone so Im going to take the car to fabricator to replate that section. Also removing the quadrajet to get rebuilt locally and might even put on a Edelbrock Performer intake manifold. The gaskets on the valve covers and intake manifold are leaking a noticeable amount.
  14. @Desert Driver Nice info and picts. Im about to take on this task myself. My Avanti II came with the fiberglass replacement pieces uninstalled. Was even thinking about putting in the sticky sound deadener. I may try covering the fiberglass in some fabric first. Thought i mention, for anyone interested, that this company will reproduce leather almost exactly if some one was to send a sample to match for color and texture. https://relicate.com/
  15. Like I mentioned in our past communication, I have not used a check book in almost 8 years. Im more looking for an online vendor or some one able to take payment via the interweb. Thanks for taking the time to let me know that you will pass.
  16. Anyone know where I can source some fresh firewall plugs?
  17. Wow this has been a process... I finally called Myers Studebaker and described what I needed in detail and they are sending out the proper seal... hopefully.
  18. Still waiting on inner axle seals, the final pieces, before reinstalling the rebuilt axles. Finding the right bearings and seals has been a PIA.
  19. Just keeping this thread up to date. I noticed a wheel bearing making a failing noise so I got into the rear end. That was a can of worms. The traction bar bushings needed replacing but I snapped a bolt off when I was trying to remove them. Ground off the original mount, drilled & tapped, added threads to a fresh grade 8 bolt and now waiting on a friend to come by to weld things in place. Also sanded and painted the traction bars. Fresh bushings from Avantiparts.biz
  20. Here you go @adamderosa
  21. Tryin to do what I can. Really wish i had welding under my belt.
  22. Thanks @mfg. I ended up cutting the entire stud off. I was hoping the head could be punched out but its partially welded in. I found some grade 8 hardware to match at the hardware store, lobbed off the head and threaded the unthreaded side. Then I drilled and tapped the bracket to match. I'll need to take the car to a shop to weld things in place but it should hold up nice.
  23. Went to replace the bushings on the traction bars, while I had the axle apart. Passenger side came out fine, driver side, not so much. Anyone encounter this? Any suggestions? im thinking I may have to grind the rest off at the bracket surface and have someone tig weld a replacement. IMG_0945.MOV
  24. I couldnt find a clear answer searching the interwebs. The shop I'm having press the bearings on ordered me some. They are tapered. The tapered end expands to make the seal so theres no pounding the seals in. When I pick them up I'll post them up for archival purposes and keep the thread updated with how they hold up.
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