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  1. My '81 (RBQ-3318) got a very nice paint job courtesy of the previous owner, but they forgot to weatherstrip the doors - I've lived with the wind noise for a while.  The car is in to my excellent mechanic for installation of new ones.  With all of your help, I ordered some mid-80's Monte Carlo pieces, but it turned out that did not include the ones on the body at the windows - he got some late 60's Camaro pieces to do that.  I thought at the same time I would replace the stiff and cracked wing vent seals, so ordered them from Avanti Parts.  My mechanic started to install them and noticed they did not include the vertical seal at the back of the vent window, just the one that forms angled front of the window and the bottom.  So I had to order them separately.

    When I used the driver's side power window, if I held the switch too long it would make a horrendous clank at the top like a slipping gear.  I thought it might be a faulty shutoff.  My mechanic discovered that the fiberglass interior piece of the door was cracked right up the center and when the window got to the top, the break would separate and the gear would slip.  He fashioned a small strip of steel bar and bolted it on and solved the problem.

    While he was into the doors I had him put some Dynamat in there.

    Hopefully I will soon have a quiet car

    Ed M

  2. Here is the gas cap on my 81, RBQ-3318 - click left and right, 2 shots


    I, too, have a sunroof but wish I didn't.  I ran across several articles on dealing with them.  Apparently the guides that the glass panel uses when it opens come unglued from the bottom of the fibergass top so there is a method to get them glued back up that does not look too difficut.  Where does your sunroof leak on the inside?  Here is one of the articles


    Ed M


  3. Replaced them on my '81 (RBQ 3318) last fall.  Got them from Avanti Parts and Restorations, their part ## 800340 and 800341 at $14.50 each, and spring kit ##800794 at $15.00.  I also put on new shoes, ##800343 at $50.00, and a master cylinder ##800278 at $95.00.  Brakes are very good now.

  4. My '81 (RBQ 3318) has a new interior and a nice paint job, but the doors whistle like crazy above 35 MPH and they leak air all around.  Looks like someone randomly glued some weatherstrip on the doors after the paint job

    Is there a source for door weatherstrip that fits?

    I have searched the forum, but nothing comes up

    Ed M

  5. A friend saw my car for the first time and told me about a TV commercial he saw as a kid.  He was about 15 in 1963 and he remembers it vividly.

    No music, camera in the front yard of a suburban house, a family of 4 opens the front door and walks out to the drive.  They get into their Avanti, turn on the engine, then back out into the street.  The car explodes off the line with spectacular sounds and accelerates like crazy down the street into the distance.  Words come up that say "Avanti, 180 miles per hour with four people"

    I mentioned that the record it set at the time was 171 MPH, but he was adamant that the ad said 180.

    Ed M

  6. Not an unreasonable thing to do to put round headlights on a later car.  Doing some glass work will give you a chance to get rid of the luggage rack, sun roof and gas cover lock too.  With the body off, you can put it back with whatever angle you want to the stance - I like the early ones

    Ed M

  7. mfg - you said:  "I removed the glass panel, but left the moonroof framework intact to give a bit more support to the 1/8" virgin fiberglass sheet I cut to fit."


    Does this mean that a flat sheet will conform properly to the shape of the existing roof?  Is there a lot of filler to get the shape right?  I would like to remove the sunroof, luggage rack and fuel door lock on my '81 .  Ed M

  8. Last winter my engine had to come out (1981 - RQB-3318) and my mechanic did not re-install the A/C compressor.  It is in a cardboard box in the garage and my bathroom scale says it weighs 44 pounds.  This is not all of the weight of the system, but most of it.  Could this amount of weight just in front of the axle and a couple of pounds for a cruise control trigger a different spring spec?

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