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  1. I have independently thoroughly reviewed the evidence and 1016 is positively the Hot Rod car. Sometimes the stories that you hear all these years are hard to let go but, for accuracy and prosperity, 1016 should be recognized as the actual Hot Rod car, without dispute. I understand that 1025 is a unique car in its own way also and the owner should be very proud of it. Both cars are really cool pieces of history.
  2. Just sharing what I have come across. I have personally owned at least 4 real Super Larks over the years. Not one of them had the fan shroud. This doesn't mean that they didn't have them originally and were removed. Also, because of my interest in these cars for the last 50 years, I have seen many R1 and R2 cars at car shows. Very, very, very few had the fan shroud. Based on this, I am "guessing" that the shroud was an option for these cars and many owners chose not to order one. Again, just a guess.
  3. Tom, will the outside rim portion be polished like the Real Rodders wheels? Will we be able to mount the original 6.70 x 15 tires on these rims? Thanks
  4. I have the top lid but do not have the base. Willing to purchase the whole set if you have one. Please send a message above. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Tom, will portions of the wheel be polished (outer rim) and the center portions grayish like the Real Rodders wheels? Also, will these be able to mount the reproduction tires at 6.70 x 15?
  6. mfg, as shown, there are many items which make this conclusive. The body tag it a very obvious one, but as can be seen, there are several more which only reinforce this is the car.
  7. We learn new things all the time in the Studebaker world. I have seen the documentation and evidence and it's clear the 1016 was the Hot Rod car. 1025 is also a special car, just for other reasons.
  8. The Hot Rod R3 Test car is 63R1016 and is turquoise inside and out.
  9. Nels, I have seen and owned several with the maroonish felt color. I am positive that they didn't fade from black. I have seen black on later Avantis and on the Larks.
  10. I'll happily share the prize with you pantera.
  11. True. Two out the sides also.
  12. The reproduction fan drives are known to be much louder than the factory drives. I was told they sound like a wind tunnel.
  13. This is maybe 18 inch long (?) Does anyone have one for sale or know where one can be located? Thanks
  14. The engine side and the under side were the outside color from the factory. Undercoating was then added in the underside. I think black inner fenders on the engine side looks bad.
  15. The correct mounting is to the water manifold bolt.
  16. Be careful on the battery height. Some 3EEs are too tall.
  17. The car looks beautiful. Couldn't ask for a better owner.
  18. Ed, I see nothing wrong with Bob's post about the Paxton prices. You may not realize it but many of your posts come across as a bit antagonistic. I suggest that you tweak your approach so folks will feel welcome on this forum. This should be a site where all can feel comfortable sharing their knowledge and experiences.
  19. Lew, I tried to send you a message but it said you are not receiving any messages. Am I doing something wrong or is there another way to reach you? Thanks
  20. Thanks 64 StudeAvanti. What you provided below aligns with what we have been saying. 'FWIW, the authenticity manual states "With the exception of a few very early cars, the factory original units were painted orange ...", "around serial number R5200, they went back to installing as purchased again painted black". "Both black and orange are considered correct and authentic". Page C-106." To summarize for the future restorers out there, all Avantis, except for a few at the beginning all the way to serial 5200, were orange. This would be from Serial number 1001 (minus a few) to serial number 5200 or approximately 4200 cars (of course, the R2 models, not the R1s). If you have a car from around serial 1001 to 5200, it should be orange. After 5200, 443 Avantis were made, and it appears that Studebaker mixed in some black superchargers. Not all of them, mind you, as we know of some original owners with Avantis that came from the factory with orange after 5200. So, unless you have one of the few at the beginning or some of those intermingled in the last 443 Avantis (R2s of course), the superchargers were orange. There is no need to interrogate some folks that have seen these things first hand. regnalbob's family owned a Studebaker dealership and the cars he mentions were sold new there. Also, my family purchased three new Studebakers from his family's dealership so I can vouch for all of this. With all of the above facts, we now know the full story and can put this topic to bed. BTW: Chevy orange is an excellent match for the supercharger, and the fan blades too.
  21. Leo B, the pictures your provided do not represent the factory produced cars. As mentioned, early prototypes and maybe 1001 had a black supercharger but 99% of them were orange. These cars don't represent how the factory produced cars left the factory. As evidence, the lower picture above has a McCulloch emblem on the supercharger which wasn't on the factory produced cars. Further, the air cleaner wasn't the black wriggled finish as shown in that same picture. The prototypes and a few early cars may have had black superchargers but the factory produced cars were orange. If the authenticity manual states they were all black, it is wrong. There have been a few other items in the manual that have since been determined to be incorrect as well. Aside from this, the vast majority of the manual is correct and is still a great source to have on the shelf.
  22. I suppose I will be more direct so we don't provide the wrong information for future restorations and state that, I have owned many Avantis over the years and have seen hundreds since the 1960s. 99.8% of them were orange. The few black exceptions had a "rebuilt" tag wired to them from Paxton. Of course, nothing is absolute and there may be exceptions where an original Avanti buyer requested a black supercharger as special order or maybe a few of the initial cars had black, but in general, the superchargers came in orange from the factory. I should add that R2 Larks and Hawks also had orange superchargers when factory new.
  23. I believe that mfg has it backwards. Most people believe that the R2 superchargers were orange when new. When rebuilt by Paxton, they were usually painted black. Along with the black paint, some had a little tag indicating it was rebuilt.
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