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  1. Thanks to all of you. I misunderstood Bill's initial comments. My plan is for a new intake, carb and distributor and hopefully that will solve the issues. Besides the carb wiring what vacuum lines etc can be removed or disconnected? 



  2. 2 hours ago, wildfelr said:

    RQB3263/81/305 ... AS I stated here earlier.... install a non electronic q-jet ..... however.... that may not solve all your problems as I have discovered..... my GURU tells me that there are two lead plugs in the bottom of the float bowl that eventually begin leaking... resulting in slow draining of the float bowl and extended cranking time to re fill the float bowl from the mechanical pump.....after that it operated normally.... this is how mine operated after it sets up a day or two .... there are several fixes available.... GURU SAYS NON OF THEM WORK.... either live with it or replace the carb...... I live with it .....As the non electric q-jet works just fine .... keep in touch..... BILL

    Do you know the part number of the non-electric carb you used? It sounds like a direct bolt on using the stock distributor and intake but everything including linkage bolts right up. Is this correct and did you only use one wire? Do you remember what wire that was? I really appreciate your help. My computer controlled carb from National still does not solve or change the problem.


  3. On 8/2/2022 at 7:53 AM, wildfelr said:

    RQB3263/81/305 Yes.........I replaced my electronic Q-JET with a NON  e-jet.....one wire....direct bolt in identical easy ...rebuilt ...less than $200 and works perfectly for 7  years now..... BILL


    Do you remember the part number you got and what was the one wire you used on it? I have tried a stock rebuild from National and it still has the same problem as the original. Checked and rechecked all vacuum lines and fuel pump with no success. It will with a very fast engine speed but only run while pumping the gas and will not idle. I suspect something in the computer circuit but have no way to check this out. Your solution sounds like my best bet. I appreciate your help.


  4. On 10/20/2022 at 10:20 AM, Jim78 said:

    The metal line often has bends that are too tight to be done properly by a hand bender.  Since this is basically a Chevy crate motor, these lines are readily available from many vendors.  I have bought a number of engine parts like this from Corvette America. 

    I do not think Corvettes had this computer carb setup in 1982 but maybe El Camino's. Thanks for your response so I will start looking.

  5. On my 82 I find that the line from the purge valve to the fuel vapor canister carb port is very deteriorated and I would like to replace it. The ends of the line both have a fitting  not a clamp that I cannot figure out how to remove from the nipple on the canister or the purge valve, can someone help?

  6. I have not posted on here for a while since my car has been doing pretty well with one exception. I have a 1982 Avanti II with factory electronic carburetor which runs great once it is warmed up but hesitates a bunch when it is cold. I have tried to set the choke but really know nothing about these electronic computer controlled carburetors or even if the carb is getting the correct signals from the computer. Does anyone have a recommendation for a bolt on replacement carburetor or suggestions. Does the computer just control the carb or does it control other functions such as timing etc? If I replace it I plan to keep the wiring etc and of course the original carb. How would this affect the the automatic transmission of at all?  I would appreciate any recommendations including the best place to order a carburetor. Thanks.

  7. 6 hours ago, IndyJimW said:

    No, a single bulb should not cause a problem. I ran rear LED turn signal bulbs for quite a while with normal 1157 front turn signal bulbs, that was enough current to operate the flasher. You can run LED and regular bulbs in the parking light circuit it doesn't care.  The only time you need to replace the flasher is if the system isn't drawing enough circuit from the LED lights to operate the flasher.

    Good luck all,

    Jim Wood


    Thank you Jim, that was my thought but I still cannot figure out why I get these results. One of the great mysteries of Avanti I guess. If I come up with an answer I will let everyone know and I appreciate everyone's assistance.

  8. I have an 82 Avanti and upon swapping the existing tail / parking light 1057 bulb with a compatible LED bulb the parking lights work with the headlights on and the turn signals work but not in just the parking light mode. The front and side parking lights work normally.  When using the incandescent 1157 bulb the parking lights work normally in the parking light mode. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks.

  9. Hell folks, I have another difficult problem that I need your help on. On the side of the Automatic OD transmission there is a "device" that installs into the transmission and the speedometer cable and a couple wires connect to it. I thought initially that it was a cruise control sensor but have been advised that it is a "Speed Sensor" that connects to the computer. I was told that these were specifically made for Avanti and are hard to come by. Mine is leaking transmission fluid and supposedly that is a symptom for failure in the near future throwing a check engine light. The cost of these is about $500. dollars which really crazy. Is anyone familiar with these devices, had problems and have any suggestions? Thanks a bunch, this has got me flabbergasted and I can find no reference to it elsewhere in this forum. 

  10. 26 minutes ago, silverstude said:

    Here's the manual for a Dana Cruise unit/  Might help...





    I think mine is a Dana but will check. I do not see reference to  a part for this that plugs into the side of the transmission that the speedometer cable connects to and has wires coming off. Maybe what I have on the transmission is not related to the Cruise Control. Any ideas anyone?

  11. 2 hours ago, Jim78 said:

    Another thought just came to mind...  A number of years ago, I was having a problem with play in the steering on my '78.  After much searching, I found that the steering box was actually moving on the frame.  IIRC, the steering box that was used in that era was no longer the Studebaker box, but one from a fork lift.  The holes in the box were oversize for the diameter of the bolts that mount it to the frame.  Tightening the bolts cured the problem.  The easy check for this is to have an assistant rock the steering wheel +/-  about 30 degrees while you watch the steering box for any motion. 

    As far as the bellcrank,  while you or your mechanic are under the car, grab the bottom end of the bellcrank where the tie rods are attached.  Try to move it up/down.  Any movement there suggests a possible problem with the center pivot, or the pinch bolt that hold the bellcrank to the shaft.. 

    Thank you Jim, this is really a help. I am going to give these a try. I appreciate the offer, I do have the original maintenance manual but appreciate your offer. 

  12. Thank you Jim, you may have saved me the expense and disappointment if this did not solve the problem.  Mine has much more play then a friend's 77 so I had his mechanic take a look at it and this was his diagnosis. I may compare his play to mine in the same configuration to confirm.  I had it aligned by a local shop and asked them about the play and they said it was ok but I am not convinced. It may be hard these days to find someone who is familiar with the old center bellcrank and kingpin systems. Thanks and stay safe, hopefully I may run into you sometime at a show, I am in Roanoke.

  13. Does anyone have a cross reference and a supplier for the power steering control valve for and 82 and earlier Avanti? Mine has too much play that transfers over to the steering.  

    I hope everyone is doing well in this huge crisis we are all going through. I am social distancing by working on my Avanti alone which sure beats just sitting around watchin TV or reading.



  14. Can someone suggest where to get carpet or cocoa floor mats for my 82 Avanti II? I ordered a set from one distributor but they were too large and did not have a slot for the floor mounted gas pedal. They did refund my purchase price when I sent a picture.


  15. I recently acquired an 82 Avanti II and the previous owner had the front brakes upgraded but does not remember what he put on it or if it a turner kit. It has the Magnum 500 wheels that rub the calipers without a 1/4" spacer. With a spacer the amount of threads available for the lug nuts is too small to be safe, about 1/4". The lug studs are 1/2-50 1.625 long with a .650 knurl (Dorman 610-132) but I have been unable to find these any longer. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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