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  1. Thanks to all of you. I misunderstood Bill's initial comments. My plan is for a new intake, carb and distributor and hopefully that will solve the issues. Besides the carb wiring what vacuum lines etc can be removed or disconnected? Thanks, Stuart
  2. Do you know the part number of the non-electric carb you used? It sounds like a direct bolt on using the stock distributor and intake but everything including linkage bolts right up. Is this correct and did you only use one wire? Do you remember what wire that was? I really appreciate your help. My computer controlled carb from National still does not solve or change the problem. Stuart
  3. Bill, Do you remember the part number you got and what was the one wire you used on it? I have tried a stock rebuild from National and it still has the same problem as the original. Checked and rechecked all vacuum lines and fuel pump with no success. It will with a very fast engine speed but only run while pumping the gas and will not idle. I suspect something in the computer circuit but have no way to check this out. Your solution sounds like my best bet. I appreciate your help. Stuart
  4. I have not posted on here for a while since my car has been doing pretty well with one exception. I have a 1982 Avanti II with factory electronic carburetor which runs great once it is warmed up but hesitates a bunch when it is cold. I have tried to set the choke but really know nothing about these electronic computer controlled carburetors or even if the carb is getting the correct signals from the computer. Does anyone have a recommendation for a bolt on replacement carburetor or suggestions. Does the computer just control the carb or does it control other functions such as timing etc? If I replace it I plan to keep the wiring etc and of course the original carb. How would this affect the the automatic transmission of at all? I would appreciate any recommendations including the best place to order a carburetor. Thanks.
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