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  1. I am trying to remove the rear sear armrests to reupholster but other than three crews I see no other attachment points. What am I missing? Also what holds the rear sail panels to the body other than the side rear windows? Any picture perhaps
  2. The oil pan will hit the inner tie rod ends if you try to use them.....I tried. Went to normal height one.
  3. Other than the rear windows what holds the rear interior sail panels to the body? Are they glued? Getting ready for paint and I need to remove rear exterior emblems.
  4. Ditch the resistor as that was only for original points system (to save points). Electronic distributor needs 12 volts as a constant.
  5. Very easy job to do yourself with the rebuild kits. These are Bendix units, so YouTube has plenty of guidance. Early mustangs and corvettes used basically the same units except for the hose connection points. Hard part is getting the units off of the car.
  6. I just took the old seal to them and the shaft and they measured it
  7. I found a replacement seal for the top seal at an agriculture hydraulic business. Worked perfectly. I bought a couple
  8. The back seat upper cushion has likely crushed the rubber vent hose flat. That is what mine was... Easy to check
  9. One huge problem in cooling problem is the open bottom of the fan shroud. This creates a leak of fan vacuum draw from the radiator. This winter I plan to make a mold to create continuance of the shroud radius around the bottom out of fiberglass to maintain the fan vacuum draw through the radiator. I intend to make it a simple bolt on piece. This should aid cooling during stop and go traffic and parades etc. As it is currently a significant air draw leak. I am doing this even though mine does not get hot. I just want as much draw as I can pull through the radiator so that the ac condenser in front of it is more efficient during stop & go.
  10. I just replaced all of the hoses on my tank and found where the vent line rubber hose where it passes in front of the fuel tank was crushed flat. Likely from the back seat and time. Previous owner had installed an electric fuel pump and my guess is that was done to try to compensate for what had to be a hard to draw fuel from tank.
  11. Be mindful that the holes in the sender and gasket are specific to orientation. They holes are not equally spaced. My new sender had the float swing toward the passenger side versus the drivers side on the original. That is where the holes aligned. It seems to work great. Far better gasket too.
  12. Does anyone aware of any replacement seat springs (rear) being available? Mine are rusty beyond imagination.
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