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  1. The two wires are swapped on one of the turn signals. Which creates an improper ground
  2. I am looking for a passenger door panel to get the curved stainless trim piece. Will buy complete panel or just the stainless trim piece.
  3. They are from the 1970 or so, they are Mercedes. They are all over eBay
  4. I used flush head aluminum aircraft rivets to put the fuzz back on. Worked quite well
  5. I bought the fiberglass headliner panels and then covered the face with material. I simply glued the material to the fiberglass panel. They look great]
  6. Anyone wanting an automatic trans that was working fine is welcome to it. Just needs to picked up in Woodland, CA. I won't ship. I put in a 700r4 to have overdrive.
  7. Jerry has lied several times saying they were being shipped Thursday. No replies to phone, email or text. I am out $1083. Avoid. BBB has many complaints and now mine too...
  8. Does anyone know where I can have seat covers made? Auto Custom Leathers INC. owned by Jerry Zalucki appears to have taken my money and then closed their doors.
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