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  1. My newly purchased 1980 has a drumming sound between 30 and 35 MPH. If anyone else had and fixed this, where did you put the sound deadening?
  2. I drilled 1/2" holes in my hog troughs, flushed them out as best as I could, let them dry for a few weeks, and used Eastwood Internal Frame Coating on them. It has a long, flexible wand with a 360 degree spray pattern, to get top, bottom, and sides. I did this too on the frame at the front spring mount and the rear cross member. Then I plugged the holes with plastic plugs.
  3. By chance, do the diameter and spline counts of match a GM shaft? I'd love to put an original wheel on my 1980
  4. Good idea, though since I bought it from him, I think he might have mentioned he had one!
  5. I just bought RQB 3127 and the sun roof glass is cracked. I'm not going to paint the car, otherwise I'd delete it. Anyone have one lying around?
  6. Oh and besides the Studebaker Avanti manual, are there any other manuals available? I'll be calling Dan Booth today and see what he can help me with too.
  7. I just got RQB 3127 from Jon Myer. It's a nice car overall, but the brakes are awful, so will jump into those first. What should a 1980 have for front and rears so I can order parts?
  8. I will be picking up a 1980 hopefully soon, it's in great shape but has black steelies and no wheel covers. I'll be putting new wheels on, should I stay with 15's or jump up to 16's? What are teh advantages and disadvantages?
  9. What are your wheels? I like them
  10. What is the best way to look for this when inspecting prior to purchase?
  11. Thank you everyone, this is all good. For whatever reason, every single email letting me know there is a response went to my spam folder, so only now am I seeing all of the responses. I will be looking at the car in question this next Saturday.
  12. I'm close to pulling the trigger on two A IIs. Just happenstance. But I like the rake or stance on the originals better. What is the best way to improve the rake? cut a coil off? Different front springs? Is there any negative impact on handling by dropping it? One is a '79 the other an 81.
  13. Eastwood has something similar to KBS, at lest in the applicator. I used it on my '63 hog troughs and frame. It went in well, and borescope inspection afterwards showed it covered very well.
  14. First, Bob Johnstone's site is a wealth of information, and I am very grateful for him archiving so much information. But, being somewhat adult ADD, I run off in other directions of non-relevant info when I am looking for a specific topic. There is that much interesting and important info there. 1979 Avanti II: window motors are intermittent. Is there a link to diagnose and repair? Can someone give me that link please?
  15. OOH! This looks great, What do you know about it? rdame58@gmail.com
  16. Yeah, I can see quite a bit of work, especially on a car with good paint. As far as the TN car, I've lost interest at that price. I may make an offer if it doesn't sell though.
  17. I'm still searching for the right car. Some later II's look like potential winners, but I can't tolerate those plastic bumpers. What is involved in swapping them to chrome?
  18. is this Avanti still available? It looks nice.
  19. Tell me what you saw, please, you can email me at rdame58@gmail.com or call 828-691-6968 Thanks Gar
  20. OK, thanks. I don't have a trailer, so I hate to make the trip, then haul it.
  21. me too. Apparently his health is not good so he has been slow with responses and photos. I'm not so worried about the rear glass as long as it is not cracked.
  22. And that is my fear! Is it salvageable?
  23. Thanks, that's what I am hoping. It's near Murfreesboro TN and on eBay. Anyone here close?
  24. I've got the itch again, this one is a 70's Avanti II. Frame and HTs are supposed to be "solid". It has cracks in both upper corners of the windshield. I've not seen the car in person yet, but could this be an indication of a rusted windshield frame? No cracks or swelling in the fiberglass, per the seller, but again I've not seen it myself. Opinions?
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