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  1. I dont know the answer, but it seems that the windshield and vent windows on the Hawk and Avanti are strikingly similar. I know with late Studebaker cost cutting so are they one in the same? Avanti has Lark frame, Hawk windows, what else does it borrow from other Studes?
  2. This was also the transitional time between the last South Bend Avantis and the first Youngstown Avantis. While at the MCACN show a few years back, as a member of the Avanti timeline, I found out 88 black coupe was a South Bend Avanti, because there were slight differences in the engine compartment with the Youngstown Avantis. There was also a slight difference @ the bottom of the cars as well. Many Ohio 88 Avantis had fog lights and "ground effects" to hide the frame. I am mostly convinced my "January 88 Youngstown, Ohio build date (according to door jamb sticker)" was a leftover 87 from South Bend they transported to Ohio with all the other stuff from the SB factory.
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