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  1. Greetings:

    I have a 1971 Avanti II. It looks like I will be replacing the wiper fluid pump soon. The one installed is not the original one. It is an Anco Universal pump (stock number 65-01). I believe it is not the original. It is located on the horizonal shelf over fire wall on the passenger side. The large white plastic washer fluid container is location on the same shelf but on the drivers side.

    At any rate, I can see the outline of the old pump. It measured 3-1/4" x 3-3/4". I would like to replace with the original if possible. Do any of you with early Avanti II's know what it was? If you can forward me a part number or manufacturer that would be great. If you do not know, can you take a picture of yours and post it as a reply?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Mfg, it was the vacuum pull hose between the choke and the carburator. The hose was just long enough to begin to kink thereby shutting off all air flow between the to units. I cut the hose to shorten it so it will no longer kink and the cold start was routine as it was in the past.

    Now, I am running into a another but slight problem. The engine slightly hesitates under full acceleration. At regular acceleration and constant speed, there is no problem. But when I apply the gas hard, the engine will act like its not getting all the gas/air mix that it needs. Its just slight but it wasn't there a couple of days ago. Don't know if it is related to the vacuum pull off.

  3. Dad, Robert Andrews, related that clocks, calenders, TV's, radios were removed from the house. Loewy wanted to work such that things from the outside world may interfere in the design process. If an idea came at 2 am, then start working on it and forget about waiting til the morning. Likewise, if you were working on something at 4pm, don't think about stopping for dinner. Continue working on the project. Of course, Loewy could not control the sun and he allowed my Dad to go out in the backyard during breaks. Dad related that he remembered and looked forward to seeing aircraft take off and land from the local airport. In particular, he remembers seeing and hearing the Fokker turboprop passenger planes. Turboprops have a unique 'hissing' sound when idling, taxiing and taking off. Dad associated the these planes with the Avanti project.

    One thing I think was allowed in the Loewy home was playing records. I never asked Dad as to if any music was played when they worked and also what type of music it was. I have some hunches but am not certain.

  4. I have a 1971 Avanti II with a 350 V-8 and a Rochester Quadrajet carb. The engine/carb was rebuilt last year. Up until recently, the engine started fine and idled great. Over the last few weeks however, it will have more and more rough cold starts. It will idle very low and rough, stalling if I don't give it gas. I will need to apply the throttle to about 2-3K rpms for a few minutes before the engine will idle around 700-900. After that, it runs and idles fine. Warm starts will be routine and with no difficulty. This rough starting only happens during cold starts when the car has not started for at least a day. It is a garage car and I use Marathon 93 Premium gas along with STP carb treatment as a feul additive.

    What do you think it is? Thanks in advance!

  5. Greetings:

    On my 1971 Avanti II, I have the orginal gas cap. However, over the course of time, the rubber gasket has lost its suppleness and can't hold gas in (after a full tank fill up, the gas will leak out and you will see the streaks of gas on the rear fender area....and no, I don't fill up to the very top of the tank stem)

    I am looking for a replacement cap. I believe this cap was made by Atlas and has "Pressure Vacuum". While looking on Ebay, I have found Atlas caps that look like my original but have "Anti-Surge Vented" on the cap. What is the difference? Would these be a good replacement?

    Also, are there ways to attach a new gasket on top of the old one? What have you done?

    Thanks in advance!


  6. I'm trying to determine which Avanti designers owned an Avanti. I know that Raymond Loewy eventually owned an Avanti II ('76?). I read that Tom Kellogg owned a Studebaker Avanti. My father, Bob Andrews, bought a 1971 Avanti II new (which I own and have had it restored). What about John Epstein? Did he ever own one? Please chime in if you know. Thanks in advance!

  7. The Tach sending unit on my 1971 Avanti is no longer working. So I began looking for another one. To my amazment, I have not come across any repros. It appears that no one makes Tach Sending units similar to those used by Stewart Warner. Avanti II used them and so did many muscle performance cars in the '60's. But no one makes them. You can get NOS units on Ebay for $200 plus. But there is no guarantee that they will work.

    What have you done with your tach sending units when then fail? Is there an equivalent out there that would do the job of a Stewart Warner 990b?

    Thanks in advance for any info that you can share.

  8. Good Morning:

    I have a 1963 R-1 that I am replacing the old '70's era tires that can't hold any air. I have the original wheels that came with the car. I am thinking of using this size: P215/75R15. I saw a '63 R-2 with them and I liked how they filled up the wheel wells both front and back. My question is would this tire fit in the spare tire well in the trunk?

    Have any of you uses a P215/70R15 in the front and P215/75R15 in the back to increase the rackness of your Avanti?

    Thanks in advance for any info or guidance that you can give me.

  9. I have a 1971 Avanti II. The engine, a GM 350, had 145K miles on it before the engine was rebuilt last year. It has now about 3K miles since the rebuild. The oil was changed about 2.5K miles ago. Presently, I have 15W40 oil (Rotella) in it but am thinking of putting 10W30 since we are approaching winter. I live in central Indiana and we do get cold winters. I will plan on driving the car sparingly during the winter only during good weather and dry road conditions. The car is garaged.

    Given the above, what are your thoughts? What do you use in those 327's and 350's in winter and summer?

    Thanks in advance!

  10. I ordered my Factor Inspection Ticket for my '63 R-1 (63R1289) from Dan Booth earlier this month. The comments and corrections listed on the 5-page form are straight forward, except for one. On the last page of miscellaneous comments, the last comment reads:

    "Apple sause under vents & rear pillar"

    What does that mean?? Is "apple sause" (sic) slang for fiberglass dust or for carpet glue? Or did a Studebaker employee eat his lunch in my Avanti? ;-P

    Seriously, do any others on here who have their inspection tickets with similar comments? Any thoughts would be appreciated regarding this unusual comment.

  11. List:

    I have been toying around in putting a third brake light on my '71 Avanti II. There are a couple of ways of doing it. One is to put a thin LED strip at the base of the rear window (inside). Another way is to buy one of those license plate frames that has an LED strip on it. Are there other methods? Have any of you used the license plate frame LED's and what do you think of them?

    FYI, I did replace my standard brake light bulbs (1157) with the LED clusters. While it is a noticeable improvement, I really want a third brake light that would 1.) Meet motorists expectations for brake lights and 2.) not be conspicuous to take away from the overall appearance of the car.

    Thanks in advance!

  12. What is your average mileage that you are getting? My Avanti was just rebuilt and I think the carburator still needs adjustment. Please provide the following: Engine, Carburator and year.

    I'll start off. I have a 1971 Avanti II with a GM 350 V-8 and a Rochester 4-barrel Quadrajet. I'm getting just over 10mpg (but I think it should be higher than that). My mileage is combined highway and city. If you want to break down your mileage, that woukd be great.

    Thank you in advance!

  13. I just got my '71 Avanti II back from an off-frame mechanical restoration a couple of weeks ago and I am in the "shaking down" the car. One item that is to be addressed is a noise that sounds like a "horn". It comes from the engine and transmission area. It typically is not constant but I will hear it when I go over a bump or when there are there are passengers in the car in addition to the driver. In other words, it tends to occur when the frame/suspension is under a dynamic load. The sound will fluctuate a little in pitch and loudness when the car goes over bumps. Also, I will hear the sound when the accelerator is applied but the sound will disappear when I let off the accelerator.

    We think it may be an improerly installed vacumn line. There are several vacumn lines for the engine so it may be a combination of them.

    Have any of you encountered this problem and how did you fix it? Thanks in advance for any guidance or insight on ths matter.

  14. Dad modified the car in the 1980's. Both mechanical and cosmetic. He put on stiffer anti-sway bars and the car rides on rails as a result.

    Cosmetically, he shimmed the car to get more of the Studebaker "rake". He also re-cut the front wheel openings to approximate the Studebaker wheel wells. He removed the "II" script in both the front and back and he also filled in the turning indicator lights on a sides of the front quarter panels. Lastly, he re-painted the car gold which closely matches the Studebaker gold. I think he was trying to back- date his '71 to look like a '64. I put in the short bucket seats from my '63 Avanti and the car really looks like a Stude now!

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