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  1. Thanks Bob. What Voltage Regulator Port should the yellow w/black wire should attach to? Ignition?
  2. I have a wiring question for all of you with Studebaker Avanti's WITH power windows. See attached pics. Where does the yellow wire (port "A") attach to? Does it attach to the Ignition port of the Voltage Regulator? I acquired an early 1963 Avanti that had a an alarm system put in in the '70's (that I took out). That said, I want to double check with my Avanti brethen who have power windows on the correct wiring layout (the Studebaker parts and shop manuals really don't detail the wiring layout between the Voltage Regulator, Power Windows relay, Power Windows circuit breaker, switch, etc., for me to make a 100 % determination. I also included a sketch of my existing wiring on the Avanti for reference. Thanks in advance!
  3. I did this on both my '63 and '71 Avanti II. The best way is to first remove the front driver seat. There are only 4 bolts that connect it. Then you can lie on your back (with your head next to the pedals) and have full access to the underside of the dash. I would recommend throwing a few pillows / towels on both sides of the ridge on the floor that connects the front part of the seat. The pillows will distribute your weight around the ridge. (Your back will thank you!) It is best to disconnect the battery before doing work under the dash. When you replace a bulb, you can reconnect to test it and check. It will take about an evening to do if you do it leisurely. I found that the Avanti II was more of a challenge to replace the bulbs since there were a lot more wires and obstructions under the dash. The Studies had less clutter and were more accessible. Have fun. You will like the results!
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