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  1. The seminars I attended were great; John Hull's, Alice Preston's, and Andy Beckman's on the Wednesday.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend Jim Pepper's presentation on the Bonneville cars that evening as I had to head for home and be at work on Saturday.  Some of the information was new to me.  

    Agree with others, there could have been a few more cars on display, and a proper swap meet, but it was great just to see everyone again after 3 years from not being able to travel anywhere.  This meet was not the main point of my trip, therefore, I won't complain about any distance traveled.


  2. On 5/4/2022 at 11:42 PM, Zedman said:

    Geeze,  is that all !? 😊  .  "From small beginnings, great things cometh !"

    Apparently, it was sketched on a still-folded napkin while he was in a coffee shop.


  3. I thought it was the '1964' prototype car with the thicker seats (and Claret interior?), which was painted Avanti Maroon, and eventually assigned P6436 as a production paint code.


  4. I will say 30; taking into account its the only way to open the trunk without, a) taking 'emergency action' of being an acrobat and having to crawl through the back seat area to do it, and b) the event of someone forcing the trunk closed on top of luggage stacked too high with the result of undue pressure on the latch assembly.


  5. 14 hours ago, jtheteacher said:

    Avanti has Lark frame, Hawk windows, what else does it borrow from other Studes?

    All the window glass is unique to the Avanti, considering the Avanti was the first (and only) postwar Studebaker to have curved side glass.  Only Chrysler and Ford had cars in production with curved side glass when the Avanti was introduced.


  6. On 1/17/2022 at 2:48 PM, Mrelmtow said:

    I doubt it will be ready by then.

    Please keep us posted on your progress.

    We are hoping to have a number of 'significant' Avantis at MCACN this year, including the last (Studebaker) Avanti made.


  7. That is one reason I don't participate on that Forum as much as I used to.  

    When someone (usually new to the Forum) made an inquiry that was addressed and answered previously, I often copied & pasted the original post that provided an answer which was maybe done years ago.  It also saved me from having to repeat myself.  The Nazi moderator instantly locks it, considering its a 'necropost' because of its age, which becomes no longer relevant as its totally on topic and pertinent to the new poster's inquiry.  Besides making the newcomer uncomfortable, it also discourages participation by long-time posters, and defeats what a major reason a Forum is for; a resource and sharing of information related to the product it represents.  


  8. The Production Order for the Studebaker SS:

    I question why it is 'Avanti trivia'.  It has a Jet Thrust engine as used in an R2 Lark or an R2 G.T. Hawk; not an 'R' engine as used in an Avanti, and received a non-Avanti serial number. 




  9. On 11/14/2020 at 9:12 AM, studegary said:

    Toll Brothers has several housing developments in this area.  I just discovered that Toll has an Avanti model (house).  Appropriately, it has two, two car garages, one at each end of the house.

    Then they should have used a matching pair of '47's.


  10. It appears the French publication, Autoretro magazine will be doing an article on Studebaker Avanti in an upcoming issue. 

    Hints of that is when they solicit reader's photos of their car in the current issue, which they will feature when the article is published.


    "We plan to discuss the Mercedes SL / SLC and Studebaker Avanti soon. You who own (or have owned) one of these cars, your user or restaurant testimonial interests us. Tell us about your joys and sorrows behind the wheel of these cars, the maintenance budget or even the points to be inspected in priority before purchase: your experience interests our readers who would in turn like to take the plunge but are still hesitant! Each participant will collect their photos and receive a copy of Autoretro in their mailbox ... As long as you mention your postal details!"



  11. On 12/30/2019 at 8:19 PM, studegary said:

    I was figuring that someone had the '63 listed in a roster, meet event, etc. with my name.

    Chances of a vehicle serial number being shown would be far greater in a registry than a membership roster, provided someone started one for Studebaker Avantis.  Do you remember anyone asking you to submit information on your Avanti including the serial number?  And if you were asked, did you cooperate and submit it?  If so, you can hope someone will come forward who may have an old copy.

    Vehicle rosters don't usually state more than the year, model, and body style.  


  12. Gotcha!

    Her name was Peggy Sauer, who came from General Motors and worked for Raymond Loewy/Snaith from 1962 to 1964. 

    Correct that she had a hand in the interior layout and colors, but her notable contribution was the slide-out vanity tray with the mirror on the underside of the pop-up lid. 


    Of course it also appeared on the Lark-types for 1964.


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