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Dome Lights - Automatic Operation

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This is a follow up to the 'Electrical Plug Location' posting a few weeks back.  I was trying to locate the connector plug which feeds the dome lights and trunk light; this plug is located above the steering column not far from the firewall.  On the Avantis using the Studebaker wiring harness, you can use a toggle switch, a 12 volt relay and a bit of wire, to have the dome lights turn on/off automatically with the door opening/closing or turned on manually if, for example, the doors are closed.  Further, if you wanted to keep the door(s) open for an extended period, the toggle switch can be set to center off and no power will be fed to the lights.  I'm in the process of writing this up for the AOAI magazine which will have more detail and some photographs but the wiring diagram is attached here.  I'm very pleased with the result.113789520_Figure3.thumb.jpg.f3144d4e421f429dbe0019cebf765903.jpg

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