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15 X 7 inch rim is actually 8" wide / At 4 1/8" backspace you have a +3mm offset / The original Magnums on my 70 Avanti had a +15mm offset / Your tires will be pushed out a little bit, but be fine / That should also be fine with the Dunlop brakes.

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It's tempting to say, yes it'll fit, but unfortunately its not that easy to tell you what will work, because offset also comes into play, Also, not all repro "Magnum 500" aftermarket wheels have the same exact measurements, nor do tires, which you will undoubtedly change. Your major issue will be clearance of the front wheels while in full/sharp turns and hitting bumps (fender and suspension clearance). Brake clearance is likely OK with the 4.125 backspace.

Unless someone on this forum has installed the same wheels you are contemplating, you can probably only guesstimate by measuring your current front wheel clearances and trying to compare that with the differences in the wheel and tire dimensions.

See if you can find a vendor who will allow you to return the wheels if they don't clear (but then you may damage the wheel when trying them, so be careful). Perhaps a local tire shop can be more helpful.

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