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Halibrand Replicas

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I have but one regret - I didn't order Real Rodders Halibrand replicas while they were in stock.  OKay, I may have a few other regrets - none associated with my '63 R1 Avanti.  Over the past month or so, I've had numerous conversations with Pat O'Brien at Real Rodders Wheels (805.402.2212 -- and yes, he does answer and return phone calls).  He's approaching the point where he'll make another - and probably final - run of Halibrand replicas updated for radial tires.  Pat tells me his run will be limited to those for which he has pre-orders.  My only interest in this post is passing on his contact info - pricing, delivery, options can only come from Pat.  With a little poking around, if interested, one can find recommendations/referrals from past customers.  I hope to be one.  Currently, I am not.

Halibrand replica Real Rodders wheel only.jpg

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Yesterday, June 22, 2020, I received an update from Real Rodders on their replica Halibrand wheels for Avanti/Studebaker.  There is Good News!  A contract for a tooling supplier/manufacturer has been signed with several details pending finalization.  There is Better News!!  The updated Real Rodder spinners will be low-pressure cast and not sand cast as were earlier replicas. What does this mean? A high quality casting without any porosity, much higher detail and show polish finish and a much stronger part. Equal in quality to the finished wheels. Interested?  Call Real Rodders at 805.402.2212.  50 sets are planned for production with no guarantee for additional runs.   My place in the queue is set.

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Hi, Gang. What are the appropriate wheel lugs to use with these reproduction Halibrand wheels? Also, am I correct in assuming these latest repro wheels will take tubeless tires (no inner tube needed)? John

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