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1963 Outside Mirrors

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Three questions. The location of the outside mirrors varied some do to the fact they were installed by the dealers, correct? Any input on the best location before I drill the holes? They need to be in clear sight for the driver of course. Can I mount them in the fiberglass using those plastic anchors they use in houses built with wallboard or is there a better fastener? Finally, the head on one mirror is very loose. Do I have any options except to remove the mirror (break it out?) and try to scar the surface of the ball or the ring around the ball? Herb Price Burlington IA herbpcpa@yahoo.com

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1) My understanding is the mirrors were installed by the dealer, even if they were a factory option. I also understand that for 1963, the mirrors tended to be on the tops of the front fenders and in '64 they tended to be mounted more often on the doors. Maybe someone else will chime in with better information. I would say mount them wherever you best like them and that provides best view. I don't believe there is any specific correct location.

2) There are well nuts available for proper securing of the screws for mirrors. Studebaker International and Nostalgic Motors have them, probably other sources as well. They're also very inexpensive so use what's designed for them.

3) If the head of the mirror is loose, about all you can do is replace the entire assembly. New reproductions are available from sources mentioned already. There's a used mirror on Ebay right now for significantly less than new (if someone hasn't already bought it).

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