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  1. I can not do this work myself and I have had a very hard time finding a shop in Burlington willing to "pull the engine" for me. Tell me more about "dialing in" the engine with the bell housing. I remember reading about it but can find nothing in the shop manual. Did the Avanti magazine ever have an article about this "dialing in" procedure? Was that where I read about it? Herb
  2. The frost plugs in my 63 Avanti are leaking. It appears that the engine will need to be lifted in order to get to five of the six plugs. Is it possible to just raise the engine and transmission together in the engine compartment and then support them safely while the frost plugs are replaced? It appears there are no frost plugs in the rear of the engine block under the transmission bell housing. If the transmission and engine have to be separated, is there a "dialing in" procedure that must be preformed to ensure the transmission and engine are properly aligned? I kinda remember reading about this procedure years ago but I can find nothing in the shop manual. Herb Price Burlington IA
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