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  1. Jegs has re-manufactured Q-Jets. I have one of these on my Avanti and it works quite well. https://www.jegs.com/p/JEGS/JEGS-4-bbl-Remanufactured-Quadrajet-Carburetors/752437/10002/-1 Or, you could order a rebuild kit for the one you have. Q-Jets have a few tricks to taking them apart and putting them back together though so be sure to study up if you have not done this before.
  2. Avanti Jacking Instructions.pdf Try printing one of these on full-sheet label paper; it should be pretty good and the price is perfect.
  3. You should be able to find rear brake shoes at your local auto parts store; they are #228 and were common to many makes and models. . Tell them your looking for brake shoes for a '69 Chevy Caprice.
  4. Back in 2006 I removed the TH400 transmission from my Avanti and installed a TH200R4. Although I don't have a step-by-step guide for this, I can give you some info and perhaps answer some questions you may have. Things you'll need, besides the transmission: 1.Torque converter for the TH200R4 transmission. (i'm assuming you'll want a lock-up torque converter to get the full benefit of this installation) 2. Correct flex plate to mate with the torque converter. (the one you have now may not have the proper mounting holes in it to connect with the torque converter. 3. Dipsti
  5. I've recently relocated my 1972 Avanti II from Illinois to Arizona. I'm trying to get it titled and registered in Arizona and have run into some difficulty. The AZ dept of motor vehicles so far will not accept the RQB serial number as a VIN number. I have another appointment scheduled for Friday to appeal the situation. Has anyone else run into this problem and how did you resolve it?
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