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  1. Thank you. Is it from an 83 Cherokee?
  2. I think I saw answer to this in the past but does anyone know what kind of electric motor is used for the 83 passenger door window. And where I can purchase one? Thank you Kevin
  3. A83

    Brake Booster

    Trying to find the right Brake Booster for my 1983 - anyone know which one was used? The garage doing the work is trying to make sure it’s the right one. Thanks A83
  4. Thanks appreciate it.
  5. Thanks appreciate it.
  6. Trying to upload a picture not working yet
  7. I noticed my car brakes are not responding right. Especially at slower speeds it seems to surge forward a little or at least not brake right away when I apply the brakes. I tried to get the car to skid and it won't do that either. I noticed a little white disk attached to the brake pedal arm with two wires coming out of it and a white tip coming off to the left that looks like a boss should be connected to it. There is a black hose hanging down but the plastic part at the end of that hose does not fit over the plastic disk tip unless there is a connector of some sort missing. Can anyone help as I am clueless here and don't want to get into an accident. Thanks Kevin A83
  8. I ordered the interior fiberglass vent side covers for my 83 which were misssing. I got them from Nostalgic. I had an interior place out carpet on them but they said when they installed the driver side one that they took it back off as they said it was a safety hazard. They said when they moved the car the workers foot / leg got caught behind the panel and they almost hit something before they could get the.foot unlodged to apply the brake. I installed the driver side panel and did not have a problem unless I forced my leg behind the panel.I Does anyone else have a problem with this or a comment? The carpet is not thick at all in fact it's kind of thin and I want a thicker carpet on it.
  9. Gunslinger , I bought and installed the led lights. You were right. Less heat so I am not afraid to leave the door open for fear of melting the lenses. Plus the lens covers mute the brightness somewhat to make a nice softer white light . Great advice and many thanks. Kevin
  10. A83

    Gas cap Avanti biz

    Thank you all. Avanti Parts and Restorations is issuing a refund. They said the cap fits model years 1963-72. Very apologetic and nice to deal with thus far and promptly responsive to emails. I ordered a set of front floor mats with the Avanti name embroidered on them also. Being shipped today. Regards Kevin
  11. Just ordered a reproduction gas cap from Avanti biz and it does not seem to fit my 83 - am I doing something wrong?
  12. Thanks. How do I match up the numbers to replace them with the leds?
  13. Just had a bulb blow in one of the interior read side lites. It looks like a bulb with a black end cap on each end. Does these pop out and what can I replace them with? Thanks A83
  14. Fyi I checked with the Blue Devil tech - he said it lasts for the life of the oil and you only have to use it once - hope it helps A83
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