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  1. Thank you - something definitely coming apart / appreciate all the advice I am getting here - trying to find out as much as I can before bringing it to the body shop on March 2
  2. Thanks again - was referring to the bolts that secure the hinge to the interior front engine compartment - body shop guy was wondering what was in there like bolts or bushings
  3. Thank you - the hinges are a bolt mount from outside and look pretty strong - can’t feel any bolts on the other side but not sure .... thanks again I was referring to the hinge bolts that bolt the hinge inside the front engine compartment as the body guy was wondering what was behind the opening - like bolts or bushings
  4. Thank you both . It is separating where the connection is made to the hood and the hood will be coming off. I don't think I need new hinges do I.? They look pretty strong. Thank you.
  5. Just came back from any auto body shop to get a paint touch up estimate. He noticed the right side hinge was separating from the hood. Any advice on if I need new hinges and if there are hidden bushings or anything? The hood is now off center when closed meaning it fits tight to the body when closed in some places and wide in others. Also when opening, it's loose enough to catch the nose and chip the paint. Any advice on how this should be fixed in case there are any hidden parts I need to get or tell the Auto body guy about would be appreciated. Thanks very much. Kevin A-83
  6. Thank you very much - no cutting or new screw holes?
  7. Thank you. I ordered the Jeep motor. Any special modifications or cuts needed to install the motor?
  8. I did purchase the Jeep Motor for for 68.00 from Parts Geek. Is there any special cutting or modification to install and fit the new motor? Thank you.
  9. I did talk to Myers whosaid he has the motors for about $400 and Also advised many times it is the sacrifice gear and not the motor itself. Also I found a company called Nu-Relics who makes the complete track , motor and regulator assembly which is supposedly stronger and more powerful. They make the complete assembly with wiring and switch options at a cost of under $500 for both doors not each door. Plus this product is guaranteed for life if you keep the receipt. They have included specific Avanti years 1963-1991. Some options may increase the cost so check the website to check my accuracy. Worth considering.
  10. I ordered the Jeep motor 742305 - is there a part number for a Jeep left front that will fit the driver side in case that goes? thanks Kevin A83
  11. Thank you everyone. Ed I called Dave T and he remembered you. He said he sold all of his to Myers . He also said it is a Jeep Cherokee motor (Chrysler) 1984-86. I called Myers and he said it is normally the sacrifice gear that breaks and not the motor. Motor is 400 dollars and sacrifice gear is 70 dollars. Myers said the way to check it is out an amp meter on it - if it goes crazy it's the motor - if it only moves a little it's the sacrifice gear which is designed to break under stress as a safety feature.
  12. Which one fits the passenger side power window looking for a motor for my 1983 thank you
  13. Anyone know who carries a passenger side power window motor for a 1983 Avanti of can I have it rebuilt somewhere. Thanks Kevin
  14. Thank you. Is it from an 83 Cherokee?
  15. I think I saw answer to this in the past but does anyone know what kind of electric motor is used for the 83 passenger door window. And where I can purchase one? Thank you Kevin
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