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  1. I do have the hatch access in the back thank you. I will experiment with it in case the switch fails. Regarding the trunk lid. I am wondering for those with this problem, if neodymium magnets might help. I have not looked at the trunk for an appropriate location, but if you install one or two of appropriate strength on the body and a thin piece of metal in the lid, it might hold the trunk down. These magnets come in various strengths and can be very strong and you must be careful working with them. I recently had my interior vent covers covered and did not want to put screw hol
  2. 1. My 83 has an electronic trunk opener but I see no way to open the trunk if this fails . Is there a way? 2. Also my rear view mirror is placed on the windshield in the place normal for most cars. Is this the original location for the 83 or more down near the dash like early modem Avanti. Thank you. A83
  3. Thanks , I took it apart again and it looks like the boot is inverted sitting be!ow the the linkage and it looks like the boot site below the console mounting plate so I think I have one. I would have thought there would still have been a small rubber piece right below the gear shift lever itself. Thank you , now I know I have the boot. Regards A83
  4. Ok great thanks. Does that boot screw right under the chrome bezel and collapse readily?
  5. Thanks for the picture. I took mine apart but did not see any way to get the chrome base next to the boot off without taking the shift linkage apart. Is there any easy way? Plus it looks like the boot is a dust cover for all of the linkage and transmission underneath. I would have thought there would have been a thin piece of rubber like there is for the brake handle. A83
  6. Is there supposed to be a rubber piece at the base of the automatic shifter to act as a dust cover similar to the piece surrounding the base of the hand brake? Thanks A83
  7. Sorry there were two other posts 1. Electric window improvements 2. Passenger side power window motor
  8. Update fromA83 - had the Nu-Relics installed in both doors and they seem to be working fine. Lifetime warranty with receipt. Thanks A83
  9. Update I had the NU Relics installed in both doors and they seem to work fine. Lifetime warranty with receipt. Thank you all. A83
  10. Update- I had a mechanic install the power window regulators and motors from NU- Relics. They came out just fine and they have a lifetime warranty if you have the receipt. Thanks for all your help. The regulator was broken so I decided to go with the NU- Relics kit for both doors. Always appreciate your help and advice. A83
  11. A83

    Avant shudder.

    Update - control arm bushings replaced and the U joints on the drive shaft replaced by a mechanic - car running nice - thank you to everyone for your help and advice. Always appreciated. A83
  12. A83

    Brake Booster.

    Bill, received the info you sent. Thank you very much. Kevin
  13. Good advice and good bank you.
  14. Do you mind telling me the cost of the paint job I may be needing one soon. I am getting estimates of $15000.I Thank you.
  15. A83

    Brake Booster.

    Stupid me sorry and thanks
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