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  1. wwundt

    Avanti Serial!

    The number went on the frame as the chassis was assembled and the body was selected out of batches of finished bodies depending upon the color and mated onto the chassis.
  2. There is also a removable panel between the fuel tank and the trunk. After you have removed the seats and the panel behind the back seat, you have access to the top of the tank but very limited access. pulling the sender out requires a bit of twisting too. I replaced my fuel tank about a year ago with a stainless-steel tank and the new tank went back in with a new sending unit. The tank was the very last stainless steel tank offered by George Dimitsas.
  3. I had that problem too. The bar labeled 1101-45 in the illustration above would not fully insert into the brake shoe. Solution, file the slot a little until it seats correctly. Then the hub will go back on.
  4. wwundt

    Greasy Avanti!

    20 bushings 8 kingpins 2 tierods 4 bellcrank 1 power steering reach rod 1 power steering ram 1 power steering control valve 1 u-joints 2
  5. wwundt

    Car Cover

    I have a Covercraft (Sunbrella) cover on my '63 Hawk - fits great - $546; and a Platinum Shield cover for my '64 Wagonaire - also fits great - $170. The Covercraft Weathershield HD on the Avanit was $375. Prices are all over the place but as long as the fit is good and the cover does its job, I can't say one is better than the other. I am preferential to the Sunbrella material, though and the fit of the cover on the Hawk.
  6. wwundt


    I believe the 305 engine was OEM in Corvettes sold in California.
  7. wwundt

    Car Cover

    I bought a Covercraft WeatherShield HD cover for my Avanti-II online from the Cover Store in Carrolton, Texas. Covercraft covers are custom made to fit your exact vehicle. Our 1964 Studebaker Avanti WeatherShield™ HD custom gray car cover by Covercraft&reg. This cover is designed specifically to give the highest level of protection in the most sun-intense environments. Its dense construction sheds water completely and remains fully breathable while it blocks dust, pollen, and tree sap better than any Covercraft car cover - making it ideal for long term storage outside. Custom-shaped to your 1964 Studebaker Avanti, the bottom edging of this cover features elastic for a snug fit.
  8. wwundt


    If you have replaced the booster and the master cylinder it is crucial that you have also adjusted the length of the rod between the booster and the master cylinder. If it is too short you will not get a full stroke which will not give you maximum braking; if the rod is too long you will not get a full stroke either and the piston cannot return back far enough to release pressure and your brakes will lock up. The shop manual describes the correct procedure to adjust the rod.
  9. RQB3430 1982 Avanti-II. I installed an Edelbrock 1403 500 cfm carb and Edelbrock Performer Model 2701EPS intake manifold, HEI distributor, and removed the smog pump equipment. The old GM air cleaner will not fit the Edelbrock carb. The new Edelbrock air cleaner required a 3/4 inch lower air cleaner element in order for the hood to close. I also installed a 4th gear kickdown switch to overdrive, necessitated by the removal of the old computer-controlled carb and distributor. Without the computer, the transmission could not otherwise shift into overdrive.
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