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  1. Ron If your power and ground are okay I would look at the swithch. I have been restoring a 63 and found the internal contact in the switches of all three of these interior lights were corroded. It is not difficult to disassemble them and sand down the copper contacts reassemble and you are good to go.
  2. To anybody interested, I did finally get my airbag fixed/replaced. Been a while sense I have been on this thread, but I finally took some time and removed the passenger airbag myself. Somebody along the way had glued the plastic dash panels in so the airbag would not slide out as designed. I gingerly pried the pieces apart and after an hours work managed to get the glue all separated and the airbag slide right out with minimum damage. Replacing it seemed to go normal so not sure why anybody would have glued those panels in. I suspect that if I had ever needed that airbag it would not ha
  3. Another alternative is to go too Joe's classic radio (https://www.joesclassiccarradio.com/Resto.html) and have your old radio upgraded. He will use your current radio face and box, though out the guts and replace with a model AM/FM radio. You can have blue tooth added as well. I did this and was very satisfied with the result. You have the stock look with modern electronics and nobody needs to know....
  4. I need a pair of the aluminum end plates for the dash as well as the center console plate where the heater and air vent adjustments are. Also looking for a functioning lock mechanism for the glove box. If anybody has these part and is willing to sell them please contact me at r3forward@gmail.com or call Jim at 480-544-5025. Thanks,
  5. I own a 2007 Avanti built on the Ford Mustang platform. It was involved in the recent airbag recall. I had the driver side airbag changed out two years ago, but they did not have parts for the passenger side at the time. Took the car in today to replace the passenger side and learned that the removable panels on my dash where the airbag is stored were glued in place and could not be removed. Has anybody had this problem? I am wondering if they glued them on in the factory or if some previous owner glued them down. Hard to tell.
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