AOAI  Nationwide Avanti Fests Guidelines


Definition: An Avanti Fest is an all Avanti Car Show sponsored by a certified Chapter of AOAI and includes not only members of a particular chapter, but also AOAI members in the region of the sponsored event.  A Fest is normally a three day event with an opening reception, judging of cars, awards banquet and concluding cruise.

Purpose:  Avanti Fests allow AOAI members to participate in a major Avanti Meet in their region when it may not be possible to attend the Annual International Avanti Meet.  Avanti Fests are encouraged by AOAI to increase membership involvement and to bring attention to the Avanti Automobile in various regions of the country.

Planning:  The Officers of a sponsoring chapter should meet to recommend to the membership that they consider sponsoring an Avanti Fest.  Once it is approved either by the membership or Board of Directors of the local Chapter, a planning team should be gathered by the Chapter President and the AOAI should be notified that an Avanti Fest is in the planning.

    1. The planning team may consist of 4 or 5 active members or officers of the club.
    2. The team should begin the planning process at least one year prior to the date of the Fest.
    3. Team meeting one – Agenda items for  brainstorming
      1. Location – consider easy access destination, major highways, etc.
      2. Possible dates of Avanti Fest
      3. Hotel Accommodations
        1. Price, breakfast incl., meeting rooms, banquet facilities,
        2. Complimentary hospitality room
        3. Brochures to publicize the facility
      4. Program
        1. Trips to local attraction
        2. Speaker or program for banquet
        3. Avanti Seminars
        4. Hospitality room
        5. Judging of cars
        6. Farewell cruise to a destination for lunch and then farewell
      5. Scheduling
        1. Work out a tentative daily schedule of events
      6. Budget
        1. Publicity
        2. Awards
        3. Registration
      7. AOIA  Insurance
    4. Assign responsibility to team members  to gather information regarding location including hotel recommendations and other agenda items
    5. Schedule a follow-up meeting in three months to report progress


  • Team Meeting two


      1. Confirm date of Avanti Fest – notify AOAI of the dates.
      2. Decide on Location and hotel – appoint person to be liaison with hotel for all arrangements and awards banquet including price and menu.
      3. Contact chamber of commerce or visitors bureau in selected town for help in securing accommodations, publicity etc.
      4. Continue discussion of program and schedule
      5. Receive reports on any other gathered information
      6. Appoint a chief judge who will prepare judging sheets and be responsible for awards
      7. Decide on Banquet speaker or program
      8. Further discussion on side trips and seminar topics
      9. Appoint a person to handle all registrations including day of registrations
      10. Set Time for next meeting


  • Team Meeting Three


    1. Final decisions for seminars and side trips
    2. Appoint a team member to complete arrangements for seminars and trips
    3. Appoint a hospitality team for the hospitality room.
    4. Contact Lew Schucart of Avanti Magazine for publicity
    5. Appoint team members to plan an Opening night reception for all registered guests and provide a budget for the event.
    6. Prepare registration forms and a mailing list, decide on registration fees
    7. Send registration information to Avanti Magazine
    8. Send invitation letter and registration form to all on mailing list
    9. Decide on invitations to distinguished guests
    10. Decide on how to provide for cost of awards
  1. Team Meeting Four  ( One month before the event)
    1. Receive Reports from all team members
    2. Follow up on any loose ends
    3. Chief judge to arrange with the hotel for special area for Avanti Parking and judging
  2. Hosting  – Avanti Fest -Planning team and hospitality team to arrive in advance of guests who have registered
    1. Set up registration area and hospitality room
    2. Mark area for Avanti Parking
    3. Check on arrangements for Opening Night Reception
    4. Make sure all registrations are in order and that the packets for registrants are complete including daily schedule of events – times and locations
    5. Set up bulletin board for announcements, and classified ads
    6. Confirm with hotel ,rooms that may be complimentary
    7. Confirm with team members for all arrangements pertaining to the Fest

Follow up Meeting – One month after Fest  

  1. Review and evaluate all aspects of the Avanti Fest
  2. Report from the treasurer on the financial outcome
  3. Send a copy of the evaluation to AOAI

It is understood that the planning team would have to be in contact with each other between meetings to assess the progress and support team members in carrying out their responsibilities.

Avanti Fest Meet Locations

2014 Gainesville, FL

2016 Jacksonville, FL

2018 Mid-America      (proposed)
Include photos of participating Avantis at each event.

(AVX’s at Jacksonville)