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Fuel Pump/Supercharger


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21 hours ago, studegary said:

They were taller.

Nope,...I think Unser was taller than the other two!!

The reason the other two NOVI drivers were uneasy about the Ferguson was because the square stock mild steel frame wasn't electrically welded together....it was brazed!!

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Here is an update on my 63 R2.5. I have it running pretty well now. It seems the main problem was ignition timing; it was about 15 degrees retarded. That in combination with a leaking fuel line in the air box caused very hard starting when warm. Also, the a new(clear plastic) fuel filter shows the tank is pretty clean, no debris in the filter so far. I have an AFB rebuild kit coming from Myer's Studebaker. I just repaired the sticking vacuum/boost gauge and have the needle at "0" when not running. 

Now it's off the the car audio store to get some speakers and figure out how to adapt the old screw antenna connector to the newer male/female connector of the power antenna. 

Side note: I am having a great time working on this car! No computers, blueberries or blackteeth. 

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On 11/28/2017 at 7:39 PM, mfg said:

NOVI TRIVIA!!!>>>>>>>>Although Bobby Unser felt comfortable in this car, the other two NOVI drivers (McElreath & Malone) felt it was unsafe......does anyone know why?

I believe Unser's 1964 Indy race car is presently in an auto museum in Novi, Michigan.

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