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F/S: Earlier Issues of "The Avanti Magazine".


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I have a number of earlier issues of the AOAI club magazine for sale. I'm showing these issues of "The Avanti Magazine" by number grouping. However, they are being sold individually. So, you'll only need to purchase the specific issue(s) you're interested in.

The price is $4.00 per issue, plus the actual cost of shipping.  Here's what I have available:

--#29 through #37

--#102 through #109

--#125 through #171

--#173  and #175

Thanks for looking. John

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Hi, Joe. I just sent you something called a "public message" here on the forum. Don't know what that means, since it's not the usual forum "private message" I'm used to. Anyway, I need your zip code to figure the shipping on the two "The Avanti Magazine" issues. You should be able to send me a private message through the forum (but maybe I can't message you back). Perhaps you should also include your phone number, since I don't like to put specific, personal information in forum posts. Thanks. John in Wisconsin

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